Holiday Gift Guide: Deborah Lippman Polish

For: The one who spends all her time at the salon
Gift: Deborah Lippman All That Jazz Trio
Price Range: Under $50 at Deborah Lippman Online or available in Holt Renfrew


Holiday Gift Guide: Lee Angel Star Earrings

When picking gifts this holiday season, its important to keep in mind that the right gift is both thoughtful and customized for the person whose receiving it, so to help you out a little I'll be posting a gift idea a day!
For: The Star
Gift: Lee Angel Crystal Star Earrings
Price Range: Under $100, TheOutnet.com Special


Holiday Nails: OPI Designer Series

With December right around the corner OPI has the perfect polishes to get you in the holiday spirit! The OPI Designer Series is filled with glimmering colours and comes in eleven shades. Think of them as diamond dust for your nails.
I recently chose DS Extravagance and its easy to say that I'll be sporting this colour all season long to deck the halls and ring in the New Year.


Wish List: YSL Arty Ring

Yves Saint Laurent was founded in 1962 and is now under the direction of Stefano Pilati. Every season the iconic French label releases a piece that gains both recognition and loyal fans ensuring that YSL shows up everywhere; the newest item to do this, gaining as much recognition as the Tribute heels, are the striking cocktail rings.

Grand enough to wear on their own or stack, the YSL arty ring comes in both glass and enamel, but chances are you'll take your pick based on the vibrant colour. One perfect for every season.

YSL Arty Enamel Ring in pink, $195 (US)
YSL Arty Enamel Ring in turquoise, $195 (US)
YSL Arty Enamel Ring in white, $195 (US)
YSL Arty Glass Ring in blue, $195 (US)
YSL Arty Glass Ring in coral, $195 (US)


Fall Basics: A to Z, the letter C

C is for Camel Overcoat

Layering is a skill you acquire when its necessary for survival - no one likes to freeze in the fall - and the key piece to staying warm is a well structured coat. Seen everywhere from Gucci to Burberry, this season it's all about the camel hue and it's safe to say that a camel overcoat will stay in your wardrobe for many years to come. Pair it with thigh-high boots for night or military-inspired booties for day.

I invested in a camel overcoat last year and wore it all winter with everything.

J Crew Wool-Cashmere Icon Trench, $325 (US)


Side Note: Stylish Kids

Tommy Ton from Jak & Jil and Hanneli Mustaparta from Hanneli.com are just two of the many photographers here to capture the world's style and deliver it to us through their blogs, the one thing that always catches my eye is a child who has the ability to look as polished and trendy as the model in the picture hanging above them.

Parents who decide to dress their children as well as themselves are constantly ridiculed however every time one of theses children appear on a blog or in a fashion magazine I can't help but wonder if they are the next Anna Dello Russo or Carine Roitfeld. Whats even more intriguing is the possibility that these children styled themselves, a tell-tale sign of a fashion genius in the making.
Most designers and editors have a story of the exact moment they knew they were meant to be in fashion, usually one that stems from their childhood. Anna Dello Russo recently shared that,

“I was crazy about fashion from the day I was born,” she says. As a child in Bari, where she grew up with a psychiatrist father and a not-clothes-obsessed mother, Dello Russo stalked her friends’ mothers’ closets and tortured her Barbies with relentless restylings. Her first important spree was at age 13: a Fendi handbag, umbrella, tissue holder, wallet, and key chain that she wore all together. “It never rains in Bari, so my friends asked, ‘What are you doing with the umbrella?’ And I said, ‘How should I know? It’s part of the look!’”
Courtesy of W Magazine

Understanding the role that fashion can play at such a young age, Stella McCartney has recently launched her own line: Stella McCartney Kids and needless to say, I for one wish this line was around when I was young.

These pictures remind us that fashion truly is self-expression and it really doesn't matter if your 5 or 45, you do it for yourself.


Accessories: Chain Reaction

Chunky knits and chains are as crucial to fall as Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes and although you can rock chains all year round, you have to admit that they look best with dark colours and on top of layers.

The Best of Both Worlds
Almost everyone has come out with a line of chain accessories, from Dannijo to Charlotte Russe, so you can sport the look without breaking the bank and choose from the wide range of chains and metals.

Dannijo Audrey Necklace, $695 (US)
Erickson Beamon Duchess Swarovski Crystal Chain Necklace, $980 (US)
In the Sky with Diamonds Chain Gang Bracelet, $30
Rachel Roy Mixed Chain Necklace, $95 (US)
Dannijo Harlow ID Bracelet, $218 (US)
Forever 21 Twisted Box Chain Necklace, $15.80
Rachel Roy Distress Crystal Unchain Me Necklace, $95 (US)
In the Sky with Diamonds Lock Down Necklace, $40
Charlotte Russe Chunky Layered Metal Necklace, $12.50 (US)

*Side Note: In the Sky with Diamonds is the accessories line I created last year so feel free to contact me with any questions or purchase inquiries.*


Love it or Leave It: Utilitarian Boots

Left, Left, Right, Left... Repeat...

Utilitarian is a look synonymous with fall and although a chic blazer is always able to give you an edge these boots are able to stand out without upstaging your entire outfit. The boots were chosen as an essential autumn pick by the girls at WhoWhatWear and they suggest wearing them with your favorite knit layers. The high heel takes lace up combat boots to new heights so you can step out in style with a look that is truly effortless.

Dolce Vita Joelle Platform Booties, $244 (US)


Fashion Quote of the Week: Jeff Koons on Salvador Dali

Jeff Koons, the American artist known for his larger-than-life balloon animals recently shared a memory that changed his life forever: meeting his hero Salvador Dali.
"I grew up in Pennsylvania, where I came across Salvador Dali in magazines and coffee-table books. When I was 17, I found out that Dali was staying at the St. Regis Hotel in New York. I contacted him to see if I could meet him, and he told me to come over. When I arrived, he greeted me and invited me to an exhibition of his work, where he posed for some photographs. I remember that he was very patient while I juggled my camera round. He was very generous to give his time to a young artist like myself. Meeting Dali had a big impact on me. That evening, on the way back home, I thought to myself: 'I could do this. Art could be a way of life.'"
Courtesy of Elle Canada


Paris Fashion Week - Time Capsule: Christian Dior Spring 2005 RTW

Paris Fashion Week started on the first of the month with a successful show for Christian Dior. John Galliano decided to go with a sailor motif for the spring/summer 2011 collection:
The models, some of whom wore leis, worked their little sailor hats by giving salutes at the end of the runway, which was made to look like a rusty slipway. The girls emerged at the other end from a set that looked like a desert island.
Courtesy of NYMag.com

In celebration of Galliano's continuous reign of the runway I'd like to take time to reflect back and pay tribute to the man who opened my eyes to a new side of the industry.

All it took was one runway show for me to understand the genius that is John Galliano. In 2004 I had become obsessed with style.com and constantly watched the coverage of each spring 2005 show. The Christian Dior show captured me from the minute it started; I'm not sure if it was the bright knee socks, pom poms, or Joe Le Taxi by Vanessa Paradis, but whatever it was I couldn't help but watch the show over and over again. In comparison, spring 2005 was nothing compared to the elaborate stage productions that Galliano is now known for, however, it will always be the runway show that began my love for the artistry of fashion.

Photos: Style.com


Fall Basics: A to Z, the letter B

B is for Beret

Put a lid on it, your head that is. Hands down the simplest stylish piece you can ever invest in for the fall is a classic knit beret. Keeping you warm in fall and winter, the knit beret goes perfectly with all jackets, from leather to peacoat.

Neutral Colours
Its best to choose either a grey, black, white, or beige beret so you can mix and match with all of your wardrobe.

Bop Basics Thick Knit Beret, $58 (US)


Seeing Double: Blue Suede Shoes

Blacks are essential, nudes give you runway-worth legs, but blue pumps may just be your secret weapon this season.

We all fell so deeply in love with Carrie's "Something Blue" Monolos but they aren't exactly the perfect shoe for the little black dress.

Thankfully Yves Saint Laurent has electric blue suede pumps made for this exact reason, at $720 a pair here. But fear not,we all have the chance to get "something blue" because Steve Madden has made the same shoe just at a fraction of the price, at $89.95 a pair here.


Love it or Leave It: Top Gun Inspired Shearling Jackets

Top Gun, the movie that put Tom Cruise on the map also established a piece of outerwear that constantly gets reinvented in the North American fall wardrobe: the shearling jacket.

According to the brilliant writers at WhoWhatWear, the shearling jacket is here to replace the army jacket and with the comfy trim comes a hefty price tag. Ranging anywhere from $100-$2000 its safe to say you can find a piece that will fit your budget, no matter what it is.

The jacket is definitely light enough for the fall weather and the trim is both functional and sets the coat apart from leather bombers, the only reason why it doesn't make it as a "fall basic" is the fact its cropped. Finding the perfect length is essential to any body type so its important to make sure the jacket both looks and feels right.

Obey The Williamsburg Jacket, $88 (US)


Fall Basics: A to Z, the letter R

R is for Riding Boot

It's time, fall is here, out goes the sunshine and in comes the workload. To lighten the mood we have fashion to look to and like every season, fall comes with its own inherit fashion basics.

Boots are your best bet for fall footwear and my absolute everyday favorite has to be the riding boot. Best worn over jeans or tights with a chunky knit sweater, finding the perfect pair is essential to your fall wardrobe.

Charlotte Russe Flat Riding Boot, $45.50


Wish List: Archive Jewelry

If you haven't already guessed I'm pretty big on accessories and much like Olivia Palermo I have a soft spot for jewelry, I covet her job at Elle. Whenever I come across a spread in a magazine and something catches my eye I immediately become obsessed and go on a search for the piece, so is the case with a certain necklace spotted about a month ago.

May I present: Archive Jewelry, the creation of twins Nicole and Amber Sutton. At first glance its obvious that the pieces are works of art, each one as unique as the girl they are meant to be worn by, but it is the list of materials that make you take a second look at the line.

The girls took a literal interpretation of "one person's trash is another's treasure" and decided to use,
"repurposed architectural pieces, curios & found objects mixed with eco-friendly brass castings, base metal chains and chic crystal strands reminiscent of paste jewelry of a bygone era."
Each piece has history and after the girls take it to their LA studio and turn it into something new it then takes on a completely different meaning for someone else.

1. Archive Jewelry Vintage address number bracelet, $67
2. Archive Jewelry Queen stone chain, $130
3. Archive Jewelry Arrow necklace, $58
4. Archive Jewelry "Buona fortuna" 4-leaf clover necklace, $72
5. Archive Jewelry "Bella" bracelet, $96
6. Archive Jewelry Angel bracelet, $60
7. Archive Jewelry Leaf bracelet, $96
8. Archive Jewelry Arrow earrings, $58
9. Archive Jewelry Infinity arrow necklace, $58

InternLife: Pam Chorley's Fashion Crimes on Queen Street West

Pam Chorley's Fashion Crimes

Where: 322 1/2 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2A2
(416) 592-9001

My last intern task of the summer included finding unique accessories for a bridal shoot and I was lucky enough to visit Fashion Crimes on Queen Street West. If you've never been, go, right now. Within seconds you realize that it is the store to visit whenever you need a standout piece; whether it be a cocktail dress, statement necklace, or the perfect purse, Fashion Crimes is fully loaded. Also, check out their blog for updates on the fun staff and store.

The colours and selection are enough to draw "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" out of anyone's mouth, after they pick their jaw up off the floor that is.

Even the chandeliers are lustworthy.


Copy Cat: Alessandra Ambrosio

The Victoria Secret Angel who has shown the world, along with Gisele Bundchen, that some of the most beautiful women come from Brazil is more than just a runway queen. Alessandra Ambrosio is constantly photographed for her daily style choices and has become the unofficial spokesperson for Wildfox Couture, sporting their fun tees everywhere she goes.

The first picture that landed Alessandra as a top contender for fashion stalkers was taken at Coachella last year and after redefining musical festival style the world realized that she looked good in more than just a bikini.

Theres nothing new about looking to models for fashion inspiration but its Alessandra's laid back Brazilian roots that seem to define her everyday choices.

Bluenotes Chambray Romper, $9.98 (SALE)
Aldo Frans Gladiators in medium green, $29.99 (SALE)
Dooney & Bourke Small Double-Handle Tote in tan,$225


Face Time: Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss

"Silicon, saline, poison inject me baby"
- Gaga

Plastic surgery may seem like the quick fix for any body issue you find yourself obsessing over however being probed and prodded with needles and knives is a bit too extreme when noninvasive options are available.

Following the success of lip injections many makeup companies headed to their labs to concoct the perfect serum to create the same effect and after all these years one stands to actually work: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss.

The gloss delivers full plump lips but beauty is pain and within seconds of contact your lips begin to tingle.

The gloss comes in 4 choices: plum, peach, nude, and clear.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss, $9.99


Love it or Leave It: Ribbon

Sugar, spice, and everything nice is what little girls are made of so when you grown up do you ditch the bows and ruffles or run for the racks the minute you spot them?

Chances are if you see me out shopping I'll be running into any Forever 21 or Anthropologie where there's no shortage on lace and tulle. Even if your not an avid fan of all things girly, a few key pieces are a must for every wardrobe and work well in any environment.

If you don't want to overdo it and subtly bring the look into an outfit a great piece to start off with is a statement necklace.

J.Crew Ribboned Crystal Chain Necklace, $75


Back to School Guide: Tech Chic

I know its only the beginning of August and school is the last thing on your mind but one thing is inevitable, regardless of the season: we're all attached to our laptops.

Luckily designers also suffer from tech-addiction and they've come out with definite must haves for the student in all of us.

1. MARC by Marc Jacobs Pretty Medium Printed Laptop Case, $80
2. Juicy Couture Rugby Stripe Laptop Case, $128
3. Juicy Couture Foam Rubber Laptop Sleeve, $78
4. TOPSHOP Canvas Floral Laptop Sleeve, $40
5. MARC by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon-Computer Commuter Bag, $104
6. MARC by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Medium Computer Case, $78


Fashion Quote of the Week: Tinsley Mortimer on Heels

The Fashion Quote of the Week is brought to you by: Tinsley Mortimer from High Society

With the success of Gossip Girl and The Hills, a reality show about New York socialites seemed like a pretty good idea, thus the creation of High Society. The show follows around Tinsley Mortimer, a New York socialite, who recently split from her high school sweetheart.

While unpacking the furniture that once decorated her and Topper's marital apartment on the Upper East Side, Tinsley scurries around her new single apartment midtown in Prada heels. Tinsley explains,
"Unpacking in Prada heels is probably not the best thing, but I am never in flat shoes. If I ever happen to be barefoot walking around, I will actually start walking on my tippy toes, because I cannot be flat. I CANNOT. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.”
As absurd as it may seem, I completely agree with this girl. Be sure to catch High Society for your daily dose of East coast drama, those girls in LA really have no idea what they're competing with.


Dress Me: Mad Men

Even if your not a fan of the award-winning AMC show, Mad Men, you have to admit its a visual masterpiece and exactly what you pictured corporate America to look like in the 60s.

Proving that styles will always come back, Banana Republic has teamed up with the show's Emmy-nominated costume designer Katherine Jane Bryant to help you look like you walked right out of a 60's New York ad agency.

Want to look like Joan, Betty and Peggy?
Just use the Mad Men Style Guide which helps you create the perfect look using pieces from the brand's fall collection. They even have something for the guys.


Wish List: Dsquared2 Shoes

Dean and Dan Caten the Toronto-native masterminds behind Dsquared2 have been creative directors of Ports 1961, designed the lower-end leisure brand Tabi International, designed for the houses of Gianni Versace and Diesel, and finally branched out on their own with the help of Diesel.

The identical twin brothers have gained recognition as celebrity favorites as well as been recognized for their contributions to fashion. The duo won the 2003 GQ Men of the Year Breakout Design Award, the 2006 Golden Needle Award, and received a star on Canada's Walk of Fame in 2009.

After seeing this pair of heels from their Spring/Summer 2010 collection I did some research and needless to say, I'm grateful that they began to design for women.



Summer Essentials: A to Z, the letter B

B is for Bandeau Bikini

In celebration of the beautiful weather we're having this post is to help you pick the perfect bikini for lounging poolside. I adore bandeau bikini tops for two reasons: 1) they look good on any body shape and 2) they don't leave you with those pesky strap tan lines.

Solids Vs Prints
Opt for the solid colour bikinis if you love to accessorize with your beach wear, I'm a huge fan of white, or be bold in a serious print and throw on a pair of cork wedges or lace up sandals to complete the look.

L*Space The Milano Lola Bandeau in Multi, $70 (US)


Fashion Quote of the Week: The Cut on Lindsay Lohan

The Fashion Quote of the Week is brought to you by: The Cut, New York Magazine's fashion blog

Overshadowed by her tabloid coverage, LiLo's clothing line 6126 is usually forgotten and after her mess of a collaboration with Emanuel Ungaro her credit as a fashion designer definitely took a hit. And although some of us may feel that she has hit rock bottom, being sentenced to jail isn't exactly a good thing, a few fashion experts disagree. In a post entitled "Going to Jail Will Probably Be Great for Lindsay Lohan's Clothing Line" Amy Odell explains,

Lindsay's line, sales of which already total around $3 million a year, stands to greatly benefit from Lohan's jail time. She's launching handbags this month, which, if she only has to serve the minimum 23 days of her sentence — a likely possibility — could come out at around the time she gets out of jail. And that could be the hyper-publicized Paris Hilton moment she's needed all along! WWD spoke to the owner of L.A.'s Kitson boutique, Fraser Ross, who stocks 6126:

“In general, the customer for all these lines is a fan of the celebrity,” Ross said. “If Lindsay’s fans are behind her, they will buy it. She gets the paparazzi, and she’s aware that [being in the public eye] is her livelihood.” His advice? “She should make sure she’s wearing her line when she gets out of jail.”
Who knows what Lindsay will be wearing when she gets out of jail but it better be 6126 according to her buyers.


Summer Essentials: A to Z, the letter P

P is for Painted Denim

Denim is the best canvas for designers: it can be ripped, torn, bleached, and transformed into virtually any article of clothing. Proenza Schouler debuted their graffiti-inspired skinny jeans on the runway this season and it is without a doubt the look every girl needs to sport. The best way to beat the heat while rocking the look is choosing a dress or mini that has gotten its fair share of paint and bleach work done.

Rojas The Denim Sweetheart Dress in Bleach Tie Dye, $39.95 (US)



As much as I love to read, the appeal of a magazine is that its like a picture book from our youth except now the pictures are printed on glossy paper and feature shots of things we want to wear, places we want to go, and people we want to meet.

Whenever I need some inspiration or just want to look at pretty things I turn to JAK & JIL blog. The site features shots from photographer Tommy Ton, one man who covers every major fashion event. The most alluring are the candid shots that he takes of people all over the world going about in their day-to-day life, Tommy just happens to see everyone from Anna Dello Rosso (Fashion editor, Vogue Nippon) to Abbey Lee Kershaw (Australian model).

Recently Tommy took to the streets in search of daily style icons hanging around the fashion shows in London, New York, Milan, and Paris for Style.com and shot stylish Euro boys during Fashion Week for GQ.com.

Tommy constantly updates his blog so there is always a surplus of fashion photography waiting to inspire you.

Photo: Courtesy of Style.com