The Top 5 Fashion Marketing Campaigns of 2012: #5

It goes way past the runways and the pages of magazines; in order to reach consumers brands not only have to represent on social media platforms, but also break new grounds to get some serious share of mind.

Here is my list of the the Top Five Fashion Marketing Campaigns of 2012...

Starting with Number 5: Adidas "Originals" commercial

Image Source: Fashion Bomb Daily
You couldn't watch a YouTube video without seeing this ad roll before it, not to mention the spot featured Nicki Minaj's very catchy hit "Masquerade".

The A-listers: Nicki Minaj, Jeremy Scott, Big Sean, Derrick Rose, and Sky Ferreira 

The Video:

Why it made the list: Total social media dominance. Also, if there was ever a year for Nicki Minaj's many personalities to shine, it was 2012 and what better way to capitalize on her success and the success of many other 2012 breakout stars like Sky and Big Sean then to show them on the street in their Adidas. The commercial, the song, the colours, and the vibe all came together to produce this memorable spot, proving that Adidas still knows how to "Walk this Way". 

Stay tuned as we countdown all the way to number one to find out who dominated 2012!