Weekend in St. Barths? Madame LA LA Product Review

It is winter. I'm sorry, I said it, but I've always prided myself on being honest on this blog and my dear readers I am so sorry to have to tell you this but the blistering winds and arctic chill do nothing for my skin. Moisture? Out the window. Colour? Transparent.

My saviour had to come in the form of a self-tanner but not just an ordinary self-tanner, the one I was after had to have ingredients that were natural and would leave my skin free of harsh chemicals and oils. Madame LA LA has been creating quite the sir amongst British socialites and celebrities so I thought 'when in Rome' and tried it out.

Some Things to Note:

Madame LA LA Tan 
The Key Ingredients

Coco Water Extract sourced from Baja California (Mexico) it hydrates the skin helping firm, tone and improve elasticity. Furthermore it’s rich in minerals aiding in slimming, tightening and improving overall skin tone reducing the appearance of cellulite

Vitamin’s A & E provide blurring technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles working together with Vitamin’s A (plumps collagen and elastin) & E (anti­oxidant) to perfect the skin

Aloe Vera Plant Extract & Green Tea leaf Extract sourced from Baja California (Mexico) work together to intensively hydrate, reduce irritation and redness delaying skin ageing repairing sun damage

How does it work?

DD (dynamic­do all) works to perfect, hydrate, tone promoting longevity of tan

Ultra­lightweight mousse application ensures smooth golden finish. Quick­dry in 5­minutes lasting up to 10 days is rich in minerals adding in slimming improving
skin tone and appearance of cellulite.

Added Coco Water hydrating formula softens and smooths skin to prevent streaking

Anti­ageing benefits blur wrinkles and imperfections for a flawless sun­kissed glow

Natural fade just like a natural sun tun suitable for all skin tones infused with Vitamin A antioxidant and skin­cell regulator

I would rate the product a 7/10, it lasted a really long time on my body however the tan quickly faded from my face after the first day. I also have to say I didn't moisturize my face as much as I should have which caused minimal blotching on the first day but quickly faded by the second. The mousse was very light and it never felt like I was coating my skin, which I find other self-tanner creams tend to do. 

Overall, I would use the product again, however I would probably apply another layer on my face after the third day. I do hope Nicole Dash Jones, the lovely founder, comes out with a spray for the face as I find spray nozzles do a better job in terms of even coverage.    

Me! Before and After Madame LA LA


Bridal Footwear by DANNIJO, coming Spring 2015

For the modern bride a question of footwear on the big day is not one to be overlooked. Do you wear non-traditional bridal shoes from a designer boutique or do you go traditional with the satin-hued dyeable kitten heels that you will near wear again? Depending on how much jewellery you are already wearing, the DANNIJO shoe collection may have something for your perfect day.

Following in the footsteps (sorry I had to) of their past success, the Snyder sisters have decided to pair those giant Swarovski crystals with footwear heading your way in Spring of 2015. Not much has been said about the collection besides that it will feature 24 pairs prices $250 and up.

Courtesy of WWD, here is your sneak peek at some of the styles.

Image Source: WWD.com 


Exclusive Interview: 10 Questions with Nalini Arora

via Twitter
Her blog, LA Shoe Girl, says it all. Nalini Arora is one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram and Twitter because: shoes. She is the LA Shoe Girl without a doubt. The shoe designer lets her followers into her very colourful world and she allowed us an exclusive peek into the fantastic and interesting life of a shoe designer who has a very high-profile collaboration coming up and I cannot wait to hear all about it. She also has an adorable dog who has an affinity for Pucci turbans.

1) How did you get involved in designing shoes?
Prior to designing shoes, I worked in the footwear industry for several years on both the retail and wholesales level. My father always encouraged me to work in business. I thought sales and marketing was my passage. However, while working for a shoe company, I somehow got involved in product development. My boss said to me, “You should be working as a shoe designer. You have a great idea for product. “ Six months later, I quit my job, and enrolled in the Footwear Design program at FIDM in Los Angeles. Since then I’ve been designing shoes both in house and as a consultant.

Nalini's sketch via Instagram
2) What are your favourite materials to work with? What are the most difficult? 
It’s always more fun to work with luxury leathers, but I don’t discriminate. I’ve learned as a consultant that there are those who can afford very expensive leather, and those who cannot. At the end of the day, it’s the design, not just the materials that makes a difference.  With people wanting vegan shoes, I wish there were more textile options for footwear. Materials like lace or chiffon, or anything that is thin and dainty don’t work well with shoes, and that can be frustrating. I’m very excited to working with 3D printing one day. I think there is an opportunity to create details and designs that may be challenging or too expensive.

3) What has been your most memorable collaboration to date? 
Hmm, I wish I could tell you, but I signed a confidentiality agreement. I can tell you that it’s a luxury brand. It was very exciting to make shoes that cost more than a thousand dollars. However, what I enjoyed most was pushing myself to create. When you’re designing for a brand that sets trends, there expectations of you are very high. They want to see unique designs, and not just a few, lots of ideas. I learned to find inspiration from places I normally wouldn’t look, and to explore ideas, and work them out. I have always been that type of designer, but this opportunity pushed me to higher level of exploration and ideation.  It was not easy, but once I got the hang of it, I thrived, and loved the challenge.  I hope to have more opportunities like that.

4) How does designing for children differ from designing for adults? 
There really is not much of a difference with designing kids shoes or adults. The process is the same. I believe what makes kids shoes different is that kids trends follow adults trends. It’s important to follow what trends are strong for adults, but to take some of those important trends adaptable to kids. Designing kids shoes is not as easy as it may seem. It takes a certain talent to be able to recognize trends that are adaptable to kids and make the designs unique to children as well. Not every design has to be a take down version.

Nalini's sketch via Instagram
5) In your opinion, who makes the best shoes? 
Right now, I ‘m in love with everything Céline is doing. Phoebe Philo can make a simple design so cleverly unique.

6) What type of music is playing in the background in the design studio? 
While I’m sketching, I have to listen to dance/electronica music. When I’m working on renderings or technical drawings, music that is a little softer. You can find me listening to: Broken Bells, Phantogram, Kidnap Kid, Underworld, Royksopp, Metronomy, Flight Facilities, Angus & Julia Stone, Seoul, and Arrica Rose’s new album Wavefunction is on my top play list right now!

7) Favourite market or area to shop in LA? 
LA is so spread out and unfortunately, for me, I can’t say I like one neighbourhood. I like shops, and will drive to several neighbourhood in one day just to shop. If I had to pick one area, I would have to say Beverly Hills/Weho, because all of my favourite designers are there. However, there are some amazing shops in Silverlake, Los Feliz, Venice, and Eagle Rock. I also like the Rose Bowl and Fairfax flea market.

8) If you could have one person wear your shoes who would it be and why? 
Phoebe Philo. She’s cool in every possible way, and her taste is immaculate!

9) Where do you draw inspiration from? 
It’s always different. Sometimes architecture, or I pick a muse, and research everything about her/him, and build on that. Maybe it’s a country, or a culture, a religion, or a sign on the street. I’ve learned to be open. I carry a sketchbook with me at all times, and am obsessed with sketching.

10) What can we expect from your brand in the future?  
I have several things in the works.  Some are shoe related, and some are accessory related. I definitely will be creating more illustrations and art that is not necessarily shoe related. You can see the update of it on my blog. There will be a release of it by late November.

Nalini's sketch via Instagram

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Website: naliniarora.com
Instagram: /naliniaroradotcom
Twitter: @lashoegirl 
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The Foxy Original Friend's and Family Holiday Sale is Almost Here!

Christmas is almost here and it is time for holiday shopping! Be sure to head over to the Foxy Original's Sale.
  • Event Name: Friends & Family Holiday Sale
  •  Event website link: www.foxyoriginals.com            
  • Price: $5 - $35 (Cash Only)
  • Event location/venue: Bata Shoe Museum. 327 Bloor Street West. Toronto, ON
  •  Event schedule/dates/times: Dec 10th, 2014  6:30-9:30 pm
  • Event details: The Foxy Originals Holiday Party and Sale is an exclusive opportunity for customers to shop for holiday gifts from a Toronto based, Canadian made jewelry brand. Enjoy music, fun and shopping with friends and have free access to discover the Bata Shoe Museum.


Photo Journal: Picking up Cupcakes in Camden

Went to pick up some cupcakes and couldn't stop staring at my jewellery. Featuring bracelet and ring from Parisi, rings from BCBG, Tiffany's, and independent Toronto boutiques. 


Geometry London, The Marlboro Bag

The guy I live with, my other half, he calls it my "Marlboro bag," because its that shade of brown that instantly triggers visions of the wild wild west and cowboys and is that suede looking leather like the saddles on the horses.

The Geometry London rectangle tote, is a simple enough tote that is structured and tough, which is what you need for every day wear. Its also big enough to hold  everything, I mean it too, one night I had to bring home my work laptop and if you have a work laptop you know that they are not what Apple Air dreams are made of, they are the complete opposite. The laptop and its huge battery cord fit among my lipstick red notebook that I take everywhere and everything else. 

Back in Toronto I lived a great distance away from the office so I was used to always bringing the necessities with me to work if I was going out after and its a habit I can't break, maybe its a good thing to always be this prepared. Here in London, I live a short distance from work yet I still pack everything in case of an emergency and this bag can handle it!

Make-up kit, brush, notebook, assortment of lip balms, lipsticks, travel sized dry shampoo bottle, hand cream, and a wallet are among some of the things my bag holds and an umbrella. There are two open pockets right at the top and one zip pocket on the opposite side for everything I need to be able to grab at a moments notice, my iPhone and my Oyster card mainly.

Geometry London has become a personal favourite of mine, the quality of the bags really have no comparison. Effortless chic is really the only way to describe the bags. 

The Stats:
100% Genuine Leather
Height - 14''
Width - 13.5''
Depth - 2.25''
Strap Drop - 6.5''

I grab it, I go, I know everything is in it, there is really nothing else I could ask for in a bag!

Get your own over at Geometry London

Flat hunting in South Ken #ootd 


The SIREN Ring, it could save your life!

via Siren
Lately, with the popularity of the catcall video and recent events in the news I've discovered that I want to use my platform for social change and to help women.

My hope is that my own views on female equality and strength shine through my words without blatantly stating it, however, I want to create a space that delivers not only product reviews but also very important information to women and for a brief moment I did not know how to do this. Luckily this morning I read about a ring. Initially the design of the ring is what caught my attention but that isn't why I'm writing about it. This ring could save your life. Big statement I know but I'm serious.

Female protection is a necessity in today's world and what a year for female empowerment. We are pushing forward and women and men who are in powerful positions are doing what they can to take a stand and fight to shrink the pay gap and address other issues that face women, such as domestic abuse.

via Siren
The SIREN ring, something that is so beautiful and so brilliant could not have come at a better time. According to the website, SIREN’s elegant and versatile design is intended for everyday wear, ensuring our discreet patent-pending technology is instantly accessible whenever needed. Upon activation, SIREN protects the wearer by emitting a piercing 110+ decibel alarm intended to startle and deter those who pose an imminent physical threat.

This is a brand of the future, bringing together both design and technology to better the lives of the individuals wearing them. The mission of the founder Kat Alexander and her father with whom she worked with to create the technology within the ring is simple:

"To design beautiful accessories that double as powerful and smart safety devices—and, of course, to empower those who wear them."
I fully support this mission and I hope more designers will begin to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also instrumental in initiating social justice.

Order your own ring and learn more about the brand and its mission here for about $249/ring.


Kicking off the Christmas Season with Burberry's "From London with Love" Video

I visited Bath this past weekend and although some pumpkins were still out and huge spiders hung from the ceilings a beautiful tree was already put up outside of the station and the winding cobblestone roads were beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Getting in the spirit isn't going to be tough this season as adverts are already covered in sparkles, snow, and great deals for those must have gift items, so I'd like to kick of this Christmas season with you, my friends, with the "From London with Love" Burberry video. Some great choreography, iconic London characters, and Romeo Beckham is the star! Enjoy!


Pamela Love now designs... mailboxes? For Veuve?!?

Allow me to introduce you to Pamela Love's bespoke champagne box for Veuve Clicquot. The famous jewellery designer created the box to be auctioned off to help the Parsons The New School for Design in New York. The collaboration kicks off the Re-Creation Awards, an international design competition where designers are invited to create their own limited edition Mailbox.

Pamela Love's Veuve Clicquot Bespoke Mailbox via Vogue UK


Exclusive Interview: 10 Questions with Geometry London

Inspiration Board via Geometry London
Was Geometry your worst subject in school? Well it is about to make you a lot more stylish. "Geometry London," the UK leather bag brand is making use of the shapes that surround our world and injecting them into your wardrobe.

1) Why the name Geometry London?
Geometry is the foundation of any man- made design. There is an instant & direct relationship when you hear our brand name and see our creations. Our brand motto is to keep it simple and identifiable. Geometry London is catchy and has quick recall value.

2) Why bags and why leather?
Bags are an extension of our personality. They are our friends and our keepers. Bags are the most visible accessory amongst all. Not only are they fashionable but also extremely functional. For us a bag is a work of art that makes itself useful.
Leather gives a sense of luxury & opulence. It’s durable and breathable. A leather handbag if maintained well can last you a lifetime. It is also relatively environment friendly, as it is bio degradable in 50 years as opposed to 500 years for other substitutes.

3) How large is the collection at the moment?
Our collection encompasses the fundamental shapes of Geometry. We continue to introduce new designs which showcase the variations that can be created
from those shapes.

The Shopper Bag 
4) Where do you see your company going in five years?
We see Geometry London having a global reach. Branching into other fashion products and maintaining a place in the mind & hearts of our customers by sculpting Geometry London around their functional & fashionable needs in times to come.

5) What do you think about designers like Jeremy Scott, Anya Hindmarch, and Lulu Guinness creating such kitchy bags?
Fashion is Creativity Personified. It is Freedom of Expression. A big salute to all the above designers for representing the playful side of fashion in their own demeanour.

6) Favourite market or area to shop in London?
Covent Garden. It is an inspiring amalgamation of shopping, food & showcase of talent. It has a vibrancy that lights you up. It’s the one stop locale whether you are after coveted luxury brands or want to wander around tantalizing your imagination and feeling inspired.

7) What is the culture like at Geometry HQ?
Our culture is very open, friendly, and welcoming. Every person in our team is a hands-on contributor in sharing ideas and opinions. We promote and harness spontaneous creativity as Inspiration is everywhere; you never know where it may come from.

8) What type of music is playing in the background in the design studio?
We by and large play music that is soulful, that which can inspire us. Ignite a spark for a radical idea and unwind our minds simultaneously. The current favourite being background scores of the Oscar Nominated movie HER.

9) If you could have one person wear your bag who would it be and why?
Emma Watson. She’s smart, talented & chic. She has transformed from a cute girl to a confident young lady. Her fashion sense is versatile. She can pull off any look be it sweet & sassy or bold & quirky. She would definitely carry off any Geometry London bag with just the right blend of edge & grace.

10) If Geometry London was a person how would you describe him or her?
Versatile. A Modernizer and Trendsetter.

Angle Clutch

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Website: http://www.geometrylondon.co.uk/
Twitter: @Geometry_London
Pinterest: /geometrylondon


Tribute to Oscar de la Renta

Yesterday, Monday October 20th, the fashion world bid farewell to a true talent, Mr. Oscar de la Renta. At the age of 82 the designer has passed after losing a very long battle with cancer. My heart goes out to those close to him and here is to hoping that his legacy will continue under his fashion label.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from his final collection: Spring 2015 RTW, photos via Fabio Ionà and Style.com.  

Oscar takes the stage at his final runway show


Is "Normcore" making us Lazy?

The Gap's Fall 2014 Normcore Campaign via Refinery 29

I'd like to start off this article by saying that normcore is different from minimalism: Céline does minimalist chic while Gap is attempting to capitalize on the normcore trend. 

However the roots of normcore were planted before Gap attempted to put celebrities in plain black pants in mundane life tasks. When you look at the NY Times article "The New Normal" it pictures a collage of slogan tees, baseball caps, and New Balance sneakers. Does this mean the shirt my boyfriend got in his pack of beer is now fashionable? The article defines normcore as such:

Normcore (noun) 1. A fashion movement, c. 2014, in which scruffy young urbanites swear off the tired street-style clichés of the last decade — skinny jeans, wallet chains, flannel shirts — in favor of a less-ironic (but still pretty ironic) embrace of bland, suburban anti-fashion attire. (See Jeans, mom. Sneakers, white.)
Some people do mix the high and low well, it's a great chance to show your personality while still emulating effortless style that street photographers love to photograph and we love to consume but I must admit I find the new normcore trend a bit boring and I see this trajectory of fashion becoming lazy. 

Gap capitalizes on the NY Times article
I don't necessarily want to see normcore on the runways or in ads and magazine editorials because there is no craftsmanship, to me there is nothing about it that offers escapism from the mundane and allows for me to transcend this realm.

It could all be a matter of opinion and I prefer well constructed pieces that accentuate my body and allow me to look put together at work or out with friends at a new restaurant. 

Céline Spring 2015 RTW via Photo: Monica Feudi 
I believe there is a time and a place for normcore, I'll wear that beer box shirt to the gym over a pair of leggings or those slip on sandals by the pool because I don't think those events need that much effort. However, you will never catch me in anything Jerry Seinfeld would wear; according to the NY Time article the popular comedian's outfits worn during the golden-age of Seinfeld are said to be leading the way with this trend.

The term was coined by a trend-forecasting group K-Hole, who have said in their manifesto that normcore is not really a trend but more of an attitude that flips the last few years of fashion on its head. Apparently we are all tired of wearing skinny jeans and overdressing and would like nothing more than to revert back to the fashion of the early-90s. The article ends on a poignant but rather-harsh statement: "Are they ahead [of the] fashion curve? Hopelessly behind [it]? The first question is whether they are on their way to a job whipping up absinthe-infused cocktails at Freemans, or grilling bacon-Cheddar burgers at TGI Friday’s."

Now you could agree or disagree with me but the world of fashion is attracted to shiny new things and there is nothing shiny or new about normcore. Consider this, if we all wanted to dress in white tees and plain ill-fitting pieces wouldn't we all shop at one store? Unfortunately I don't think the billion dollar fashion industry could survive off of that. I see normcore as nothing more than a current fad and an attitude that may lend itself well to certain areas of life however designers, real designers, are fueled by creativity and although not every piece of clothing needs to be expensive or over-the-top, even the most simplistic of designs still attempt to create an experience for the person wearing the item.


Exclusive Interview: 10 Questions with Designer Jack Beadle of Sunnies of London

There is a new up-and-coming sunglasses brand ready to make the people of London more stylish. Learn about the brain behind the brand in this exclusive interview as I play "10 Questions" with its founder. 

1. Jack 101 - Stats: Name/Age/Location
Jack Beadle, 23, London

2. When did you start to design sunglasses and why did you choose to work with bamboo?
I’m a huge fan of the summer and naturally very keen on sunglasses. A cool pair of sunglasses can really make your outfit unique and stand out. For years, I’ve been using bamboo as I love the light-weight and texture. Only recently have I decided that now was a good time to bring this to the mass market.

3. What is your favourite London hangout?
For a drink you'll often find me in Home House in Mayfair. I love the Georgian house and vibrant atmosphere. Its a great place to relax after work with some friends and enjoy a few cocktails.

4. Where do you see your company going in five years?
Sunnies of London has the potential to be a very strong brand. We've had a very successful launch and now we’re looking to go from strength to strength. In 5 years, I foresee us continuing to be a trendsetter but now as a household name. We ship all over the world – so plenty of opportunities for growth.

Some Sunnies with my Chanel bag 
5. What do you think of the accessories market at this point in time? 
Accessories are a way of making your outfit unique and stand out – for that reason, the market will always be strong. Sunglasses in particular are a way of expressing your personality and character.

6. If you could have one person wear your Sunnies who would it be and why?
Prince Harry! Quintessentially British and a lot of fun!

7. What music do you listen to while in the design studio and out and about your daily life?
Really depends on my mood and activity. When I’m trying to be creative I’ll often listen to a soundtrack by Hans Zimmer – whereas if I’m out running (I’m training for the London Marathon 2015) then I prefer club music with a faster beat.

8. What inspires you/where does your inspiration come from?
I’m predominately inspired by everyday people – I love ‘people watching’ on the tube – I think it’s a great way to find out what the latest trends are styles are.

9. What is your 9-5 dress code?
I love a classic suit, Italian loafers and of course a pair of Sunnies!

10. What are 3 items you can’t live without?
My Phone, my Sunnies and my guitar!

Website: http://www.sunniesoflondon.com/
Facebook: /sunniesoflondon
Twitter: @sunniesoflondon
Instagram: @sunniesoflondon


A Sugar High without the Calories

Lucy Folk is an Australia jewellery designer who considers herself to be a foodie and rather than host a party with food, she puts all of that energy into her jewellery collections. Her current collection "Sugar" has just been released with a whole slew of great photos I just had to share!

Campaign for the "Sugar" Collection by Lucy Folk 


'One Shirt. Four Dates' with TrueView

The "Cinema Date" Look

Hot Date? No idea what to wear? I have just the answer for that. Read my new post 'One Shirt, Four Dates' for the new UK dating app True View  


Fun Bags ● Le "Live Fast" Clutch

Le "Live Fast" Cigarette Illustration Clutch by Yazbukey
Its all about the show-stopping clutch this year, now this is no new trend however designers are really starting to step it up this year. Designer Yazbukey has looked to Paris for inspiration for her latest collection and has joined iconic Parisian symbols with pop art to create must-have clutches. Le "Live Fast" clutch is on Moda Operandi for $870 and you can order it here.


Fall Outfit Inspiration

Sometimes all it takes is a purse or a pair of killer boots to bring together an entire outfit, Invaluable came to me with a challenge: pick a ring that speaks to you on the site and show us how you'd style it. I found a ring that was delicate and feminine yet structured and immediately I envisioned the perfect look to showcase. The ring, a 14K rose gold and diamond ring has the ability to stand on its own so I recommend adding a floppy hat and the fringe bag to make this the perfect Autumn look. 

The Look:

Joni Fringe Purse, Michael Kors, £480 ● Rose Gold and Diamond Ring ● Dark Red Oversized Fedora, River Island, £28  Faux Leather Knee Patch Trousers, Zara, £30 ●  Suede-over-the-knee Boots, Topshop Unique, £195  Contrast Collar Blouse with Bow, Zara, £26 ● Ice Breaker Faux Fur Vest, Unreal Fur, £78 


Fun Bags ● "Eye Heart You" Clutch

Stylish Poppy Lissiman Clutch
Protect yourself and be sure to end up on a street-style feed with this funky clutch from newcomer Poppy Lissiman. I may need to trade in my usual evil eye jewelry for this super stylish reinvention. Make it yours by pre-ordering the $75 AUD clutch here


Beauty Product of the Week: Mermaid Nails by Barry M

Mermaid Nails brought to you by Barry M.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore this shade of Pacific from Barry M.'s Aquarium Nail Effects Collection!

Remember when you were a little girl and you wanted to be one of the mermaids in Peter Pan? This might be the closest thing to achieving that life long dream!


Exclusive Interview: 10 Questions with Jane Mooney of Parisi Jewellery

1. Jane 101: Name/Age/Location
Full name: Jane Louise Mooney, 36 years old, based in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

2. When and why did you start to design jewellery?
I started designing and making jewellery a couple of years ago. I was struggling to find pieces that were 'just right' in terms of look, size and proportions. I'm from a design background, but I taught myself goldsmithing, I just bought some basic equipment and started from there! 

3.Do you have any pets and what are their names?
I have a very old (nearly 19!) tortoiseshell cat called Millie. She likes to keep me company in the studio when I'm working and she's a regular star on our Instagram feed.

4. What inspired you/where does your inspiration come from?
I'm inspired by the shapes that occur in nature. I love to see the patterns within gemstones and try to work with the natural geometries to produce interesting and wearable pieces. 

5. Where do you see your company going in five years?
I would love to show at London Fashion Week in the designer showrooms and take the brand global. My vision is for Parisi Jewellery to be the 'go to' brand for chic, covetable pieces that have and edge to them.

6. What do you think of the accessories market at this point in time?
I think it's a great period for accessories at the moment, particularly fine jewellery. Precious jewels are a superb investment and there's a real enthusiasm for irreverent pieces that subvert the idea of what fine jewellery should be.

7. If you could have one person wear your jewellery who would it be and why?
I would LOVE for Sarah Jessica Parker to wear my pieces. I think she has such grace and elegance and is the epitome of chic.

8. What music do you listen to while in the design studio and out and about your daily life?
I do love all sorts of music, but in the studio I watch TV box sets! They just play in the background while I'm working. I am a bit of an eighties fan, and my boyfriend makes me amazing playlists that I have on my iPod when I go running.

9. Where did your fascination with the universe and space come from?
I've always loved astronomy and geology, I am a real geek at heart! I think it's amazing that the vast majority of the elements are forged in the heat of an exploding star, the gold in the metal work and the carbon in the diamonds is made from star stuff. I wanted to design a collection using this as inspiration and the Elements Collection was born.

10. What are three items you can't live without?
                      jewellery bench
                               Oribe Hair Conditioner

Website: http://www.parisijewellery.co.uk/
Facebook: /parisijewellery
Twitter: @parisijewellery
Instagram: @parisijewellery



Love it Or Leave it: Giant Furry Coats by Shrimps

Meet the "Joseph" coat from Shrimps. Currently selling for £595 and covered in faux fur. The design is sporty-chic and pastel pink, pastel anything really, is on-trend for fall 2014.

Do we like the Shrimps coats? The brand has already developed a cult following with starlets and bloggers following in tow, not to mention all of the pieces are what editorial dreams are made of!

In order for me to properly make a decision I need to find one and try it on, it's only fair! Stay tuned...

Shrimps "Joseph" Faux-Fur Pastel Coat


Friday Fun: Badminton Birdies on the Runway

Points for being original? Thom Browne decided that looking natural and taking a minimalist approach to makeup on the runway was too boring so to shake it up models walked down the runway meant to look like marble statues with badminton birdies on their heads, because, why not? Fashion week ladies and gents, not for the faint of heart. 

Thom Browne Spring 2015 Runway. Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty


Rita Ora's #unstoppable for Adidas Original

The new Adidas Original ad features pop star Rita Ora and is said to be aimed at her fans, the "Ritabots". The creative agency behind the ad is "The Upside" and the ad itself is visually appealing. It is becoming quite clear that although Nike features its ads on the strength of everyday athletes, Adidas continues to be cutting edge and a platform for emerging artists, especially those in the hip-hop and R&B communities. So next time you go into the shop will Rita sway you to pick up a pair of Adidas or will you stick with the Nike trainers? 


Bear + Wolf Café Review

Costa, Pret, Eat, repeat. Sure my original voyages to London included these shops because they are everywhere, but soon I began to hear about all of the independent cafes London had to offer. As I was researching my new hood, Kentish Town, I made my way over to Tufnell Park and saw the very cool logo of what I discovered to be Bear + Wolf, the “kid-friendly café”. Don’t let it fool you though, the kid-friendly atmosphere guarantees a parade of adorable children on the weekend with their super stylish parents and loads of cute children-approved options of the very chic café menu items and seriously good juices and smoothies!   

Located at 153 Fortress Road in Tufnell Park, there is a great children’s play area near the back of the café and there is a huge wooden table right at the front to enjoy some sun and meet some new friends. Overall the vibe of the café is what brings me back each weekend and it has become a part of my Sunday morning ritual.

Try out Bear + Wolf, I promise you will not be disappointed. 

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The Menu and Some Treats @ Bear + Wolf

Behind the Counter

How Much is that Bread in the Window? 

The Memorable Logo

The Inviting Sidewalk Chalk Sign

My Sunday Morning Essentials