Exclusive Interview: 10 Questions with Geometry London

Inspiration Board via Geometry London
Was Geometry your worst subject in school? Well it is about to make you a lot more stylish. "Geometry London," the UK leather bag brand is making use of the shapes that surround our world and injecting them into your wardrobe.

1) Why the name Geometry London?
Geometry is the foundation of any man- made design. There is an instant & direct relationship when you hear our brand name and see our creations. Our brand motto is to keep it simple and identifiable. Geometry London is catchy and has quick recall value.

2) Why bags and why leather?
Bags are an extension of our personality. They are our friends and our keepers. Bags are the most visible accessory amongst all. Not only are they fashionable but also extremely functional. For us a bag is a work of art that makes itself useful.
Leather gives a sense of luxury & opulence. It’s durable and breathable. A leather handbag if maintained well can last you a lifetime. It is also relatively environment friendly, as it is bio degradable in 50 years as opposed to 500 years for other substitutes.

3) How large is the collection at the moment?
Our collection encompasses the fundamental shapes of Geometry. We continue to introduce new designs which showcase the variations that can be created
from those shapes.

The Shopper Bag 
4) Where do you see your company going in five years?
We see Geometry London having a global reach. Branching into other fashion products and maintaining a place in the mind & hearts of our customers by sculpting Geometry London around their functional & fashionable needs in times to come.

5) What do you think about designers like Jeremy Scott, Anya Hindmarch, and Lulu Guinness creating such kitchy bags?
Fashion is Creativity Personified. It is Freedom of Expression. A big salute to all the above designers for representing the playful side of fashion in their own demeanour.

6) Favourite market or area to shop in London?
Covent Garden. It is an inspiring amalgamation of shopping, food & showcase of talent. It has a vibrancy that lights you up. It’s the one stop locale whether you are after coveted luxury brands or want to wander around tantalizing your imagination and feeling inspired.

7) What is the culture like at Geometry HQ?
Our culture is very open, friendly, and welcoming. Every person in our team is a hands-on contributor in sharing ideas and opinions. We promote and harness spontaneous creativity as Inspiration is everywhere; you never know where it may come from.

8) What type of music is playing in the background in the design studio?
We by and large play music that is soulful, that which can inspire us. Ignite a spark for a radical idea and unwind our minds simultaneously. The current favourite being background scores of the Oscar Nominated movie HER.

9) If you could have one person wear your bag who would it be and why?
Emma Watson. She’s smart, talented & chic. She has transformed from a cute girl to a confident young lady. Her fashion sense is versatile. She can pull off any look be it sweet & sassy or bold & quirky. She would definitely carry off any Geometry London bag with just the right blend of edge & grace.

10) If Geometry London was a person how would you describe him or her?
Versatile. A Modernizer and Trendsetter.

Angle Clutch

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