Why You Should Be Watching "The Carrie Diaries"

Yes its a show from the CW, airing on Citytv here in Canada, but "The Carrie Diaries" is probably one of my favourite shows on-air right now, a show I actually watch when it airs so I don't miss a thing.

AnnaSophia Robb as the young Carrie Bradshaw
The show centres around a young Carrie Bradshaw, now in Season 2, as she attempts to get through her final year of high school and become a published journalist for Interview magazine, you read that right: high school! Now although some "issues" that young Carrie faces might be quite juvenile in respect to the situations our favourite sex journalist found herself entwined in the oh-so-popular "Sex and the City" franchise, the show has a lot of heart and will remind you of being that age and chasing your dreams.

What brings me back week after week? The fashion and the easter eggs. Young Carrie does not disappoint with her wardrobe and neither do the other characters in the series. From Sebastian, the love-interest to Dorit, the sassy younger sister, there is a chance you will not only connect with one of the characters but you will definitely get some fashion tips from the super-stylish 80s kids!

The kids always find themselves at the best NY parties
The easter eggs are also a great feature of the show. Not familiar with easter eggs? These are little hints the directors and writers leave in shows or films that true fans will take notice of. For example in one episode, Walt and Carrie's father are about to watch the "Golden Girls," when Carrie's father asks Walt what the show is about. Walt replies "its a show about 4 women sitting around talking about their lives" to which Carrie's father replies "4 women who sit around that talk about their lives? Thats a TV show? I don't see it lasting." The beauty of this easter egg is that it has two meanings: one, "The Golden Girls" did end up doing very well and went on to run for 7 seasons and two, "Sex and the City" is a show about 4 women sitting around talking about their lives that ran for 6 seasons, where, just like in "The Golden Girls" each woman has a different personality, something Walt touches upon. Another favourite easter egg of mine is when Carrie is given a writing assignment and can write about any topic, she chooses the one thing that scares her to talk about: sex. The episode ends with the young Bradshaw stating that she would probably never know enough about sex to write about it in the wacky city of New York, which we all know at one point in her life she does know enough and turns that into her bread and butter.

Who would Carrie be without her Samantha? 
The show touches upon a ton of young adult topics like unwanted pregnancies, falling in love, choosing a career path, and discovering who you truly are, funny enough, these topics were also very relevant in "Sex and the City" and maybe parts of me want to relive being that young and other parts of me miss watching Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha make it in the big apple, regardless I tune in week-after-week whatever the reason may be and I highly recommend you do as well!


Vintage Find of the Week: Moschino Starfish Belt

Moschino Vintage Starfish Belt
Jeremy Scott has done wonders to revive the Moschino name and catapult it back into the forefront of popular culture, and he has done so successfully, however the Moschino name has always been known for its cheeky designs. Completely different than the classic belt designs we see now, this Moschino giant starfish belt, made in Italy, was definitely a hot item in the '90s. Worn with an off-the-shoulder tight body con dress, you'd be a hit at any high profile Miami party with this around your waist.

Available for $850 by Decades Inc here.


Get it or Regret it: Lucia Sunglasses

Lucia Sunglasses 

If it has the same name as I do I have to get them right? Get these trendy shades before they are gone here.


Mom-Repellent: S&%! my Mom says about How I Dress

Ever wonder how your mom feels about how you dress? Fear not, my mother is happy to let me know and I will blog about it for our enjoyment.

DISCLAIMER: she is aware that I am doing this and her inner Kris Jenner is pretty excited. 

On my Zara leather shoes, as I walk out of the house on my way to work. 
Mom- "When did you get those shoes?" 
Lucy- "in London in April. I've worn them at least 12 times"
Mom- "they're so... Clunky" 
Lucy- "what does that even mean? They're from Zara" 
Mom- "Zara makes clunky shoes..." 

I still wore them even though I am fully aware of the fact that she thinks they are "clunky". 

Stay tuned for more mom-repellent posts! Please share any funny stories you may have!

Me, in the Louvre in Paris wearing the "clunky" shoes from Zara


Vintage Find of the Week: CHANEL '96 Charm Bracelet

CHANEL Vintage Charm Bracelet 
Perfectly encapsulating the opulence that characterized the '90s this Chanel Vintage Charm Clasp Bracelet from 1996 is a direct connection into the decade where designers such as Gianni Versace and supermodels ruled the fashion world.

Available for $775 at Decades Inc. here.


Friday Fun: Can you spell Gabbana?

We laughed as the adorably clueless Andy Sachs takes her first message as Miranda Priestly's assistant in the fashion classic "The Devil Wears Prada" as she asks the person on the phone how to spell Gabbana, and although its comical the truth is a lot of us have no idea how to actually pronounce some of our favourite designers names.

Luckily i-D, the fashion magazine, has come to our rescue with this amazing video of fashion house pronunciations.

Brush up on your fashion IQ while watching the video below. I can just picture Donatella Versace demanding, "Say My Name, Say My Name!"


The HOPE Sneaker for ONEXONE and Sully Wong

Sully Wong, the Canadian shoe and accessory dream team consisting of George Sully and Henry Wong have decide to 'lend a shoe' for charity in their most recent collaboration with the ONEXONE foundation.

ONEXONE is a not-for-profit organization committed to improving the lives of children in Canada, the USA, Haiti, Africa and around the world with programs dedicated to the five fundamental pillars: wealth, health, education, play, and nutrition.

The HOPE Sneaker that Sully Wong has collaborated with ONEXONE on is a limited edition shoe that features ONEXONE's iconic red and black signature colours and combines them with Sully Wong's characteristically clean, low-cut silhouette style. The shoe is a quality natural duck canvas exterior with a red, hand-stitched capsule base. These amazing sneakers are unisex and there are only 360 pairs available.

HOPE belongs to everyone and you can help by purchasing a pair of these super stylish sneakers for $150 + HST available at midnight on Saturday July 19th!

Beauty Product of the Week: Tom Ford Shanghai Lily Eau De Parfum

 Tom Ford Shanghai Lily Eau De Parfum
Confession time, I've been wearing Vera Wang Princess as my go-to perfume for a very long time. Occasionally I will wear Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb but every so often I take a walk into Sephora and end up leaving overwhelmed and sneezing from trying out too many odours.

On a quick trip into Holt Renfrew atop the escalators was a row of Tom Ford perfumes, I tried to test out each bottle but the one that stuck out the most was the exotically named: Shanghai Lily.

The eau de parfum is a mixture of warm spices, elegant florals, and hints of vanilla and frankincense. Needless to say, I'm still thinking about it and may make it my signature scent.

Do you have a signature scent? Its important to remember certain smells will mix with your own skin to create a truly unique experience.


The Definition of Italian Style

Italian stylish gentleman on his bicycle in Naples, Italy

How fabulous is this gentleman? The true definition of Italian style! 


Vintage Find of the Week: 1960s Scalloped Necklace

Vintage Scalloped Necklace from the 1960s 

This beautiful scalloped necklace features stunning aurora borealis rhinestones set in rose gold. This amazing piece is 15 1/2" long and is currently available here or in store at Magwood for $295!

Paper Hearts Ring Stacks

Paper Hearts  Delicate Ring Stacks


Around the World with Gold Balloons: Photography by Gray Malin

Gray Malin has quickly become one of my favourite photographers and on this particular day where I can't help but daydream about taking a holiday, allow pictures from his "Up and Away" collection to inspire your next adventure!  Check out all of his work here

Cheerio from London Bridge

Ciao from the beaches of Italy

Escape at the Beach

GDay from Australia

Getaway at the Beach

OMFG on the beach in Rio de Janeiro

Overboard at the Falls

Red balloons at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Wild in The Outback

Windy in Chicago

XO Floating Away


#TOEats: The Kitchen at Brassaii

I have been very lucky to celebrate a birthday or two on the fabulous King West patio Brassaii, imagine how excited I was to discover they have brought on a new chef, Chef Marcus Monteiro, and have reinvented their lunch, dinner, dessert, and cocktail menu for Summer 2014.

Is it possible to pick one type of cuisine to describe what's cooking in the kitchen? Fortunately it isn't that simple. Guests can expect meals inspired by the rustic kitchen of southern Italy as well as the Spanish and North African coastlines. How? The Kitchen has taken all of the spices and expectation of the Mediterranean and brings them together to create something entirely new and unique.

If you are anything like me and you prefer dessert first you are absolutely in luck, The Kitchen has a leading pastry chef, Chef Mark Cheese that has prepared a selection of desserts that are perfect for the summer. Top of my "to try" list?  The rhubarb-buttermilk soufflĂ© coconut tart with pineapple vanilla compote and coconut-ginger ice cream!

Head to The Kitchen at Brassaii at 461 King St West to try all the new menu options and be sure to follow their culinary confections on Instragram: @thekitchenatbrassaii


What Does #LikeAGirl Mean to Me?

Working in advertising behind the scenes of marketing campaigns, sponsored galleries, and curated content that aligns perfectly with the launch of a new product or to build awareness for a well-established brand, I find that the challenge usually lies in extracting something that will be truly beneficial to the readers, the users, the viewers, essentially you, the audience.

This video from Always does not fit the usual template, the typical shot of the product is missing, the call out of the benefits of said product appear nowhere to be found, yet it has given the audience something more: something to think about.

Always challenges both men and women to act "Like a Girl". The director instructs the participants to run, throw, and fight "Like a Girl," the results of course are comical, yet we realize the fault in our initial response to the question once we meet the young girls who show us what its really like to act "Like a Girl" and I could not be more happy to see their responses, as I'm sure many of you were.

This campaign echos what we've seen in recent Dove "Camera Shy" commercials where unexpected women are being followed around and of course while lounging around their house they refuse to be in the camera shot, however once again, the younger generation of girls happily pose for the camera. The tag line "When did you stop thinking you're beautiful?" flashes and we are reminded of the innocence of self confidence. 

It is my hope that these messages force us women to change and return to how we used to see ourselves. After all, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, only our opinion of ourselves is what matters the most.

What I really like about the "Like a Girl" campaign is that women are not just objects of beauty, it reminds us that we are strong, we can win races, we can be whoever we want to be.

To me #LikeAGirl means finding out who you truly are as a woman and being proud of that. For me it means realizing your full potential and being able to achieve any goal you decide upon. Our dreams and ambitions are just as important and I highly advise women to strive to run companies, to become top engineers, to discover the secrets of science, and unlock the next greatest technological advancement. Being #LikeAGirl is not a choice, we are born as girls, what we do with that is up to us.

I hope these commercials inspire you as much as they have for me and I leave you with powerful words from a powerful woman, whenever you need an extra push listen to this song and I promise you will rule the day.