Mom-Repellent: S&%! my Mom says about How I Dress

Ever wonder how your mom feels about how you dress? Fear not, my mother is happy to let me know and I will blog about it for our enjoyment.

DISCLAIMER: she is aware that I am doing this and her inner Kris Jenner is pretty excited. 

On my Zara leather shoes, as I walk out of the house on my way to work. 
Mom- "When did you get those shoes?" 
Lucy- "in London in April. I've worn them at least 12 times"
Mom- "they're so... Clunky" 
Lucy- "what does that even mean? They're from Zara" 
Mom- "Zara makes clunky shoes..." 

I still wore them even though I am fully aware of the fact that she thinks they are "clunky". 

Stay tuned for more mom-repellent posts! Please share any funny stories you may have!

Me, in the Louvre in Paris wearing the "clunky" shoes from Zara

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