Love it Or Leave it: Giant Furry Coats by Shrimps

Meet the "Joseph" coat from Shrimps. Currently selling for £595 and covered in faux fur. The design is sporty-chic and pastel pink, pastel anything really, is on-trend for fall 2014.

Do we like the Shrimps coats? The brand has already developed a cult following with starlets and bloggers following in tow, not to mention all of the pieces are what editorial dreams are made of!

In order for me to properly make a decision I need to find one and try it on, it's only fair! Stay tuned...

Shrimps "Joseph" Faux-Fur Pastel Coat


Friday Fun: Badminton Birdies on the Runway

Points for being original? Thom Browne decided that looking natural and taking a minimalist approach to makeup on the runway was too boring so to shake it up models walked down the runway meant to look like marble statues with badminton birdies on their heads, because, why not? Fashion week ladies and gents, not for the faint of heart. 

Thom Browne Spring 2015 Runway. Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty


Rita Ora's #unstoppable for Adidas Original

The new Adidas Original ad features pop star Rita Ora and is said to be aimed at her fans, the "Ritabots". The creative agency behind the ad is "The Upside" and the ad itself is visually appealing. It is becoming quite clear that although Nike features its ads on the strength of everyday athletes, Adidas continues to be cutting edge and a platform for emerging artists, especially those in the hip-hop and R&B communities. So next time you go into the shop will Rita sway you to pick up a pair of Adidas or will you stick with the Nike trainers? 


Bear + Wolf Café Review

Costa, Pret, Eat, repeat. Sure my original voyages to London included these shops because they are everywhere, but soon I began to hear about all of the independent cafes London had to offer. As I was researching my new hood, Kentish Town, I made my way over to Tufnell Park and saw the very cool logo of what I discovered to be Bear + Wolf, the “kid-friendly café”. Don’t let it fool you though, the kid-friendly atmosphere guarantees a parade of adorable children on the weekend with their super stylish parents and loads of cute children-approved options of the very chic café menu items and seriously good juices and smoothies!   

Located at 153 Fortress Road in Tufnell Park, there is a great children’s play area near the back of the café and there is a huge wooden table right at the front to enjoy some sun and meet some new friends. Overall the vibe of the café is what brings me back each weekend and it has become a part of my Sunday morning ritual.

Try out Bear + Wolf, I promise you will not be disappointed. 

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The Menu and Some Treats @ Bear + Wolf

Behind the Counter

How Much is that Bread in the Window? 

The Memorable Logo

The Inviting Sidewalk Chalk Sign

My Sunday Morning Essentials 


Mochino Presents Barbie World

"Hiya Barbie" "Hi Ken!" "Wanna go for a ride?" "Sure Ken!" "Hop in!" VROOOM........

For the Moschino Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Jeremy Scott takes kitchy pop culture references to another level and basically updated my Barbie pyjamas from childhood. The point of this collection is fun. Reading reviews for the show I soon realized that even the most high-brow editors have to give in to the fun of the circus that is Jeremy Scott for Moschino. Instead of McDonalds French Fries, Barbie's Dream Wardrobe comes with a iPhone case in the shape of a brush and is perfect for taking selfies. My iPhone collection is getting a bit expensive. 

Jeremy Scott was interviewed after the show by Style.com and revealed:

"Like every girl and gay boy, I loved Barbie," Scott said backstage afterward, sporting a "Moschino for Ages 5 and Over" T-shirt. "It's hard not to; she's practically perfect," he went on. "She's a good big sister, she's had every job in the world, worn every outfit. And it's just joyful. Her and I share the same things: We just want to bring joy to people."

Photo: Alessandro Garofalo / Indigitalimages.com


Jewellery with a Purpose: the World of Simon Harrison

Cara Delevingne in Vogue Magazine Russia September 2012 wearing the Simon Harrison Aquitaine Necklace

Simon Harrison may not at first ring any bells but perhaps names like Ted Baker, Vivienne Westwood, and Karen Millen are ones that you are more familiar with. If there is only one thing you take away from this entire piece let it be that the world of costume jewellery has never been in better hands than it is with the genius that is Simon Harrison. 

You know the feeling you get when you watch Project Runway and you get to see the garments from beginning to end: the moment they sketch a beautiful design, nail it when they pick the perfect fabric at MOOD, and then send a piece of art down the runway? I got to experience that first hand when I was invited to walk around the Simon Harrison HQ and I'm telling you, I've never been so inspired in my life.

“Simon Harrison’s deepest motivation and enjoyment of jewellery, he says, is intuitive and archetypal; not so very different from primitive man’s impulse to wear a beautiful shell around his neck. Jewellery, he believes, should be life-enhancing: an expression of personality.”

Chloris Tortoiseshell Cream Bangle, inspired by Ovid
A good sign of delicate craftsmanship will always stand out in a piece and it is what I think always makes a piece of jewellery so unique and usually is the reason why I'll buy it. This is what really spoke to me about all of the pieces I saw while visiting the showroom. Each had the most unique details and every piece was calling for me to pick up, try on, play with, and dress up! The other tell-a-tale sign of a quality piece of costume jewellery is the weight, yes I know we are living in a time of delicate necklaces and bracelets but these are costume pieces made to help you make a grand entrance at your next party so believe me when I say these pieces carry some serious weight (which is a good thing). Hand sculpted glass eyes on frog pins and masks are just one of the unique touches that make the pieces true works of art. Each piece felt luxurious and as if it was meant to be worn on a runway, in an editorial, or at a gala. Tres chic! 

Romeo & Juliet 3 Row Pearl Necklace 
I was very lucky to see such amazing pieces, each more beautiful then the next, however it was the stories behind each which really stayed with me after I left the showroom. Inspiration does comes from everywhere and there were tons of great muses from Greek mythology, Shakespeare, and Simon's youth. 

Perhaps one of the standout collections for me was the Romeo and Juliet line. A story I've loved since I was young myself, I was immediately drawn to the pieces and imagined myself wearing the beautiful necklaces around Verona. This is the beauty of each piece: they have the ability to transport you when you see them. That is what I believe true artistry is: these artists have the ability to create pieces that transcend this realm and help you escape from the norm. 

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Friday Fun: Jeremy Scott want us to be Pumpkins

Jeremy Scott Spring 2015. Photo: Randy Brooke/WireImage

Well, lets be honest, nothing should shock you about Jeremy Scott's collections by now but this is
just great. For his namesake collection for Spring 2015, which is meant to be inspired by rich sun-kissed girls having fun with their friends on an island of raves (also known as Ibiza), Jeremy Scott decided to create the perfect Halloween sweater we've all been waiting for (read: sarcasm). Fun fact: Miley Cyrus designed the accessories for this collection. Check out Style.com because if there is one thing you do today, its seeing those accessories, and I'm going to let you guess whether or not I liked them. He always has a good laugh with fashion and that is something I can respect.


Put a Lid on It: Big Floppy Hats are Taking Over Fall

We all do it: walk into a store, see a giant floppy hat, and think to ourselves "I couldn't possibly pull that off"! I am here to tell you: YES YOU CAN!

Taking over the fall as the most coveted accessory is the floppy hat and I promise once you wear one you will feel as bad ass as Amy Adams in American Hustle.

Topshop £28 | River Island £28 | New Look £14.99

Hey its me at Topshop!


Made in Chelsea Alum Millie Mackintosh Launches Own Line

Made in Chelsea alum Millie Mackintosh always had a clear direction during and past her reality television stint, she began dabbling in creating and selling beauty products, and although her makeup game is on point, whats always had Millie on my radar is the way she dresses and styles herself.

Capitalizing on her legions of style stalkers, Millie has finally released a collection: 40-pieces including tops, dresses, jumpsuits, separates, and of course beauty.

Millie has said the launch is a dream come true and I can't wait to add some pieces to my wardrobe.

Shop the collection here.

Millie Mackintosh in her own creations for Fall 


Beauty Product of the Week: the only bronzer you'll ever need

Honey Bronze Bronzer from Body Shop

I must admit, I don't usually go into Body Shop for beauty products but I am so glad I did because I have discovered one of the best bronzers I've ever used. If you are new to Valley of the Dolls Blog you should know one thing about me: the only makeup I wear day-to-day is bronzer and mascara, so I consider myself an expert in both of those categories.

Back to the miracle bronzer, it is a bronzing face gel, I've only ever used powder-based bronzer but I believe that this is gel is revolutionary for three reasons: 1) even coverage all over my face, 2) although the gel appears to be heavy once applied it is quite light, 3) it lasts all day. If that isn't the holy trinity of a perfect bronzer I don't know what is!

Get into Body Shop now and check out their Honey Bronze collection. 


Friday Fun: #73Questions with Anna Wintour

Q: "How long have you been here?"
A: "Forever"

She thinks Brooklyn is the new Silicon Valley, she would "never ever wear" head-to-toe black, she thinks Oliver Twist is the literary figure that has most influenced designers, she hates horoscopes, her favourite food is avocado, she confirms that all rumours about her are true, and she has never taken a selfie.