Beauty Product of the Week: the only bronzer you'll ever need

Honey Bronze Bronzer from Body Shop

I must admit, I don't usually go into Body Shop for beauty products but I am so glad I did because I have discovered one of the best bronzers I've ever used. If you are new to Valley of the Dolls Blog you should know one thing about me: the only makeup I wear day-to-day is bronzer and mascara, so I consider myself an expert in both of those categories.

Back to the miracle bronzer, it is a bronzing face gel, I've only ever used powder-based bronzer but I believe that this is gel is revolutionary for three reasons: 1) even coverage all over my face, 2) although the gel appears to be heavy once applied it is quite light, 3) it lasts all day. If that isn't the holy trinity of a perfect bronzer I don't know what is!

Get into Body Shop now and check out their Honey Bronze collection. 

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