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Wedding Gift Idea: The Calendar Bracelet from Dalla Nonna

Your best friend is getting married and you have absolutely no idea what to get her as a gift to commemorate this amazing day. I think I found the perfect piece for any bride-to-be that she can wear year after year: the Calendar Bracelet from Dalla Nonna.

It comes in three different metals: silver ($225), gold ($350), and rose gold ($360), and you pick a beautiful stone to place on the day of the wedding!

It looks absolutely beautiful on, as seen on Brie Bella:

You can even rock it on a necklace a la Hilary Duff:


Must Have: The Romy Necklace from Bettyray

This resin and crystal flower statement necklace is truly one of a kind. The colour is subtle enough that it will go with everything but creates enough of a statement to get you noticed. My advice? Pair with a neon collar necklace and get one of these before they are gone!

Shop: Bettyray $50, available here 


Arm and Ring Party

Rings: BCBG Hamsa Hand, Future of Frances Watson Cat Ring, Three Fates Triangle Ring
Bracelets: EXPRESS Horoscope Bangle, Folli Follie Bracelet, BCBG Evil Eye + Hamsa Bangle


Beauty Product of the Week: Feeling Younger Skin Tint by LUSH

Searching for the perfect illuminator? Fear not, I've done my research and this is the one I swear by, tried and tested, it works!

LUSH has created a skin tint that highlights the skin and give you a gorgeous glow all day long. The tint is made out of oatmeal decoction, cocoa butter, jojoba and almond oil, everything that is good for your skin. The best part? Like all LUSH products, the skin tint is vegan and suitable for all skin tones.

Where can you apply it? Cheek bones, brow bones, the inner eyelid or even your d├ęcolletage.

 Shop: LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint, $18.95 for 20g, available here 


A Font to Call My Own

A big thank you to the very talented Geoff Momin for creating this for me! He was able to capture my personality perfectly in this! Check him out on Twitter and Instagram!


The Positivity Challenge

 What if I told you there is one simple thing you could do every day, either before you go to bed or right when you wake up, that will help you have a better day?

I propose a challenge, and I myself will be trying this out as well; your challenge if you choose to accept it is to write five things that made you happy that day in a journal entry.

Your first entry may take some time, but be patient with yourself, after the first few entries it will become second nature.

It has been said that such positive thinking and being thankful for daily blessings will improve your appreciation for life, and as like attracts like you will notice that your overall energy will change and you will become more positive and peaceful.

Let me know what your experiences are with this! I can't wait to hear all about it!


Beauty Product of the Week: La Mer Radiant Serum

 What should you look for in a serum? Something that is lightweight and instantly illuminates your skin. A serum should smooth and refine your skin tone while revealing a more flawless complexion. The key ingredient that differentiates the La Mer Radiant Serum from the rest? La Mer's exclusive Deconstructed Waters, laced with antioxidants that diminishes the appearance of stubborn dark spots and helps prevent future discolouration.

For best results, after applying your serum follow with moisturizer during your facial routine.  

Shop: La Mer Radiant Serum, $290, available here