Happy Halloween

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WTF? of the Week

Because, like every girl in her 20s, I enjoy looking at stuff online that I can't afford so I signed up for the SSENSE newsletter.

Day after day, week after week, I sit and go through the newest added items and window shop, however, every once in a while SSENSE delivers something far better than just a mind-blowing new sweater or perfectly crafted and constructed leather handbag; I'm referring to the item that makes me stop dead in my tracks and think WTF?

This week's WTF? is brought to us by Marc Jacobs.

Source: SSENSE

Behold, the "Purple Fluffy Fox Fur Jacket" that is a mere $3,500 on SSENSE.com

See anything that just made you think WTF? this week? Let me know! 


Halloween Costume Inspiration: Choupette Lagerfeld

The fashion godfather warmed all of our hearts this year when we met his adorable kitten, Choupette.
The precious feline has two maids that cater to her every need and plays frequently on her iPad, she is also obsessed with hiding in a giant CĂ©line bag, according to Karl himself.

Inspiration: Karl Lagerfeld with Choupette

Source: Harper's BAZAAR
Source: W Magazine


  • white cat ears and tail
    • Shop: local costume shop or dollar store
  • black face paint crayon to draw on the nose and whiskers
    • Shop: Crayon Face Paint Stick in Black, $8.95, amazon.com
  • white or beige mini dress
    • Shop: Beige Knit Tunic Dress, debenhams.com
  • black platform booties
    • Shop: Hidden Platform Booties, $39.80, forever21.com

Fashion's Newest Star?


  • Have a friend dress up like Karl himself and be the puuurfect fashionable duo


Halloween Costume Inspiration: Sky Ferreira

I admit it, I can't stop listening to "Everything is Embarrassing" by Sky Ferreira, and after watching her music video you won't be able to either.

With Halloween just around the corner, you, like me, are probably still trying to figure out a really great costume idea. Well for those of you are waiting until the very last minute this costume might be perfect for you.

The inspiration: Sky in "Everything is Embarrassing" 

Source: YouTube


  • black eyeliner
    • Shop: Doe Eyed Felt Eyeliner $7, sephora.com
  • red lipstick
    • Shop: Rouge Shine Lipstick in #34, $14, sephora.com
  • black mini dress
    • Shop: Cotton Long Sleeve Mini Dress, $46, americanapparel.ca
  • wedge booties
    • Shop: Lace-Up Platform Booties, $45.50, charlotterusse.com

The video:


That KENZO Sweater

You know exactly what sweater I'm referring to...
Source: Vogue UK
It's safe to say that if you didn't know KENZO before the Spring2013 runway shows, you definitely do now.
Who can we thank for this? 
Elena Perminova was captured on every street-style blog for her laid-back look during New York Fashion Week for the Spring 2013 shows and now the sweater is sold out on the KENZO site.

Source: KENZO


Other animal lovers:

Source: Style Scrapbook
Source: Caroline's Mode 


 Following trend graphic sweaters are now popping up everywhere and here are a few to help you get your jungle-fever-fix. 

The Inspiration: 

 Get the Look:

Shop: Tiger Print Sweater, $23.80, forever21.com

Shop: Lauren Moshi Norah Wildcat Head Rib Sweater, $145, revolveclothing.com

Shop: WILDFOX COUTURE White Label Lion King Sweater, $195, revolveclothing.com


Bootie Bootie Bootie Bootie Rockin’ Everywhere

Accessories are fundamental to any outfit, in which case it is always beneficial to invest in some quality options. The trends with accessories tend to have a longer life span than those of the clothing we adorn ourselves with each day. Below are some of the classic booties that can be worn with any outfit this fall and I can guarantee you will be wearing them for seasons to come. 

I live in those Charlotte Russe western booties and am coveting those sky-high heels from Topshop.     
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The Harness: 50 Shades Inspired Couture

I've recently fallen down the rabbit hole and have been sucked into the world of Luxirare, which is both a blog as well as a brand; the author is not only a master at blogging and posting mouth-watering pictures of her amazing culinary skills, but she is also an extremely talented designer with both accessories and clothing that are practical and beautifully crafted.

Do not look at the blog unless you have hours to waste because, trust me when I tell you, you will not be able to tear your eyes away from the site.

The one item I cannot stop thinking about is the harness she has designed and, lucky for me, Luxirare has an assortment of unique options. Take a look for yourself.

Shop: Belted Harness, $95
Shop: White Leather Harness, $125

  It's all in the details:
Source: Luxirare
Source: Luxirare