The Harness: 50 Shades Inspired Couture

I've recently fallen down the rabbit hole and have been sucked into the world of Luxirare, which is both a blog as well as a brand; the author is not only a master at blogging and posting mouth-watering pictures of her amazing culinary skills, but she is also an extremely talented designer with both accessories and clothing that are practical and beautifully crafted.

Do not look at the blog unless you have hours to waste because, trust me when I tell you, you will not be able to tear your eyes away from the site.

The one item I cannot stop thinking about is the harness she has designed and, lucky for me, Luxirare has an assortment of unique options. Take a look for yourself.

Shop: Belted Harness, $95
Shop: White Leather Harness, $125

  It's all in the details:
Source: Luxirare
Source: Luxirare

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