As much as I love to read, the appeal of a magazine is that its like a picture book from our youth except now the pictures are printed on glossy paper and feature shots of things we want to wear, places we want to go, and people we want to meet.

Whenever I need some inspiration or just want to look at pretty things I turn to JAK & JIL blog. The site features shots from photographer Tommy Ton, one man who covers every major fashion event. The most alluring are the candid shots that he takes of people all over the world going about in their day-to-day life, Tommy just happens to see everyone from Anna Dello Rosso (Fashion editor, Vogue Nippon) to Abbey Lee Kershaw (Australian model).

Recently Tommy took to the streets in search of daily style icons hanging around the fashion shows in London, New York, Milan, and Paris for Style.com and shot stylish Euro boys during Fashion Week for GQ.com.

Tommy constantly updates his blog so there is always a surplus of fashion photography waiting to inspire you.

Photo: Courtesy of Style.com


Fashion Quote of the Week: Tim Gunn on Anna Wintour's Methods of Transportation

In his new book Gunn's Golden Rules, Project Runway's Tim Gunn shares an anecdote about the famous Vogue editor-in-chief and how she left a 2006 Peter Som show, being carried by bodyguards of course:
"I was with a colleague from Parsons, and we had been discussing the will-she-or-won't-she-take-the-elevator question, so we ran over to the elevator bay to see if Anna would deign to get on. She wasn't there. Then we looked over the stairway railing. And what did we see but Anna being carried down the stairs. The bodyguards had made a fireman's lock and were racing her from landing to landing. She was sitting on their crossed arms.. I ran to the window to see if they would put her down on the sidewalk or carry her to the car like that. They carried her to the car. And I thought: I will never forget this."
And neither will we. Luckily after The September Issue let us in to the heart of Vogue the world saw a different side of Anna (The Devil Wears Prada painted an interesting image of the editor) and to be frank, it's going to take a lot more than this to shock fashion devotees or make us love her any less.


Love it or Leave it: Clogs

If you're not a Dutch milkmaid and you don't work in a factory I think we should leave the clogs where they belong: without heels and in Sweden.

I always have an open mind when it comes to fashion and remember that although something may not be right for me there are a million other girls who appreciate the piece and wear it well; unfortunately I will never understand the appeal of a clog. I'd like to point out that clogs and wooden wedges are two very different things, I'm a huge fan of the latter.

Wooden shoes people bring back as souvenirs really don't have a place on the runways of MiuMiu, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel but, like everything with fashion: if its out there some designer will pick it up, make it new, and push it for their latest collection.

If clogs are a staple in your wardrobe I congratulate you because I simply cannot make these shoes work with anything I own.

However, now that its summer I suggest you to show off your pedicures and leave the clogs in the closet until fall. Maybe they look cute with knee socks? You know, if you're going for the whole Cher a la Clueless look.

Steve Madden Daynty, $89.95

Summer Essentials: A to Z, the letter N

N is for Neon

Neon has been popping up on all of the red carpets this season and although you may not want to commit to a full day-glo gown, you should consider bringing the bright hues into some outfit choices. By mixing brights with neutrals you'll be able to pull the trend off without looking like a 80s aerobic instructor.

Pleasure Doing Business 5 Band Miniskirt, $88


Fashion Quote of the Week: The Cut on Rachel Zoe

The Fashion Quote of the Week is brought to you by: Amy Odell from The Cut, New York Magazine's fashion blog

In case you haven't already heard, Rachel Zoe has announced that she will be launching a clothing line and Amy has a few suggestions for what they could name the brand:

"Though she hasn't announced the name of the line, I DIE wouldn't be a bad one. Just think: "What a great faux-fur muumuu you have on — who is that by?" "I Die." "Are you okay?" "Duh, I am! I said, I Die." [Slowly backs away] You'll sound totally crazy telling people that's what you're wearing, which is so batty-old-lady now."


Inspiration: True Blood

It hurts so good...

HBO's original True Blood, based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris, has been a huge success since its first episode and to celebrate the return of the show for its third season I've found a few items that lets you show your love for fangs.

1. Wildfox Couture My Boyfriend's a Vampire V-Neck Tee, $64
2. Jules Smith Vampire Fang Necklace, $70
3. Wildfox Couture Fantastic Fangs Racer Back Dress, $84
4. Wildfox Couture The Lady is a Vamp Cutoff Tank, $59
5. Wildfox Couture Vampire Love Baggy Beach Jumper, $108
6. Wildfox Couture Vampire Love Racer Back Dress, $84
7. Wildfox Couture Bite Me Crew Neck Tee, $69


Wish List: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's by Celebrity Vault

ICON: Audrey Hepburn

You know the movie well, you've seen a million posters, but absolutely no other picture comes even close to this one of the iconic actress.

The 16" x 20" print features Audrey Hepburn in her memorable role as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Bud Fraker captured the star and now the print is for sale. Fraker was known to photograph all of the old-Hollywood stars.



Fashion Quote of the Week: Kelly Cutrone, The City

The Fashion Quote of the Week is brought to you by: Kelly Cutrone on this week's episode of The City

"If you're not going to be backstage at a show and you don't get a good seat, you shouldn't go. If you're sitting anywhere past the third row it means — loser."

And that is why she is head of the PR firm People's Revolution and we love her (and all wish we worked for her).


Celebrating Michael Kors

Last night at the CFDA Awards Michael Kors was given the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award. Its clear that the fashion industry wouldn't be the same with out the hard work and dedication that this all-American designer has put into it for over three decades.

To celebrate this huge achievement in his career I've chosen my favorites of his current collection. If you don't already own something from Michael Kors, I strongly suggest you support this designer. He truly understands women, clothing, and accessories, and his success and this award proves that he is invaluable to the industry and our culture.

1. MICHAEL KORS Skorpios Tote in Python, $1,495
2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Drawstring-Waist Shirt Dress, $149.50
3. MICHAEL KORS Midsized Chronograph Watch in Gold, $250
4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Delancey Sunglasses in Black, $125
5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Downtown Zip Sandal, $165
6. MICHAEL KORS Draped Cover-Up, $362
7. MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote in Vanilla, $298
8. MICHAEL KORS Marrakech Sunglasses in Black, $225


Copy Cat: Stella McCartney

Her father? None other than Sir Paul McCartney. Her mother? The late photographer Linda McCartney. However, instead of turning into a tragic daughter of rock royalty, Stella McCartney began a fashion career and now has two successful labels under her belt, Stella McCartney and adidas by Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney began interning for Christian Lacroix when she was 16, had her friends Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss model in the runway show for her grad collection, for free, and was once the Creative Director of ChloƩ.

This fashion designer not only proved herself in the industry but is also watched religiously because of her own style. Stella is so confident in her own creations that she insists on wearing them daily, recently she was spotted decked out head-to-toe in her own designs for her Spring/Summer 2010 collection running around London.

Want to copy Stella's look?

Urban Outfitters Matte Plastic Aviator, $14
Forever 21 Fab Solid Sturdy Scarf, $7.50
Forever 21 Essential Double Breasted Jacket, $39.80
Forever 21 Basic Racerback Tank, $6.50
Urban Outfitters BDG Acid Wash Denim Legging, $39
Aldo Breger, $80


Summer Essentials: A to Z, the letter W

W is for Wedges

A clear summer staple, this season wooden wedges are being seen everywhere however the classic studded gladiator still deserves a spot in your closet.

Charlotte Russe Studded Gladiator Wedge Sandals, $32.50


Love it or Leave It: Marine Polish

My choices for polish this season would have to be pastel shades, the soft pinks and purples match perfectly with any tan. However, the brilliant minds at WhoWhatWear are suggesting something completely different: the marines. These shades are found deep in the sea and can be spotted on any surfer girl.

Now, although I usually agree with the ladies from the site, I have to say I'm not sure if the colour is right for everyday wear. But it may go well with a white bikini.

If you're into the surf-punk trend that is big this season, according to the writers of WhoWhatWear, than marine polish may be perfect for you.

Sephora by OPI's Nail Color in Teal We Meet Again, $9


Lip Service

Graphic Tees are making a comeback and its time to wear your thoughts on your sleeve.

Labels like Wildfox Couture and Rebel Yell are well known for their clever phrases and have become favorites amongst celebrities so naturally other brands decided to do the same and say what everyone was thinking- all over their tees.

1. Rebel Yell Brunettes are Best Jersey Scrunchie Tank, $69
2. Forever 21 Boy Crazy Burnout Tank, $15.80
3. Wildfox Couture I Hate Boys Stripe Cutoff Tank, $59
4. Rebel Yell Misfit Hanky Tank, $62
5. Forever 21 Gorgeous Burnout Tank, $15.80
6. Hellz Bellz Afford Me Tank, $36