As much as I love to read, the appeal of a magazine is that its like a picture book from our youth except now the pictures are printed on glossy paper and feature shots of things we want to wear, places we want to go, and people we want to meet.

Whenever I need some inspiration or just want to look at pretty things I turn to JAK & JIL blog. The site features shots from photographer Tommy Ton, one man who covers every major fashion event. The most alluring are the candid shots that he takes of people all over the world going about in their day-to-day life, Tommy just happens to see everyone from Anna Dello Rosso (Fashion editor, Vogue Nippon) to Abbey Lee Kershaw (Australian model).

Recently Tommy took to the streets in search of daily style icons hanging around the fashion shows in London, New York, Milan, and Paris for Style.com and shot stylish Euro boys during Fashion Week for GQ.com.

Tommy constantly updates his blog so there is always a surplus of fashion photography waiting to inspire you.

Photo: Courtesy of Style.com

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