Weekend in St. Barths? Madame LA LA Product Review

It is winter. I'm sorry, I said it, but I've always prided myself on being honest on this blog and my dear readers I am so sorry to have to tell you this but the blistering winds and arctic chill do nothing for my skin. Moisture? Out the window. Colour? Transparent.

My saviour had to come in the form of a self-tanner but not just an ordinary self-tanner, the one I was after had to have ingredients that were natural and would leave my skin free of harsh chemicals and oils. Madame LA LA has been creating quite the sir amongst British socialites and celebrities so I thought 'when in Rome' and tried it out.

Some Things to Note:

Madame LA LA Tan 
The Key Ingredients

Coco Water Extract sourced from Baja California (Mexico) it hydrates the skin helping firm, tone and improve elasticity. Furthermore it’s rich in minerals aiding in slimming, tightening and improving overall skin tone reducing the appearance of cellulite

Vitamin’s A & E provide blurring technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles working together with Vitamin’s A (plumps collagen and elastin) & E (anti­oxidant) to perfect the skin

Aloe Vera Plant Extract & Green Tea leaf Extract sourced from Baja California (Mexico) work together to intensively hydrate, reduce irritation and redness delaying skin ageing repairing sun damage

How does it work?

DD (dynamic­do all) works to perfect, hydrate, tone promoting longevity of tan

Ultra­lightweight mousse application ensures smooth golden finish. Quick­dry in 5­minutes lasting up to 10 days is rich in minerals adding in slimming improving
skin tone and appearance of cellulite.

Added Coco Water hydrating formula softens and smooths skin to prevent streaking

Anti­ageing benefits blur wrinkles and imperfections for a flawless sun­kissed glow

Natural fade just like a natural sun tun suitable for all skin tones infused with Vitamin A antioxidant and skin­cell regulator

I would rate the product a 7/10, it lasted a really long time on my body however the tan quickly faded from my face after the first day. I also have to say I didn't moisturize my face as much as I should have which caused minimal blotching on the first day but quickly faded by the second. The mousse was very light and it never felt like I was coating my skin, which I find other self-tanner creams tend to do. 

Overall, I would use the product again, however I would probably apply another layer on my face after the third day. I do hope Nicole Dash Jones, the lovely founder, comes out with a spray for the face as I find spray nozzles do a better job in terms of even coverage.    

Me! Before and After Madame LA LA

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