FitBit: Barreworks Toronto

I just have to take a moment to share with you all, my beloved friends, how much I enjoyed my first Barreworks Toronto class.

With not one but TWO locations to serve Toronto's fit crowd on the hunt for the newest workout, "barre babes" can get their fix at the flagship studio located on 625 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor or hit up the new studio located on 2576 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor.

I attended my first Barreworks Mixed Level class with the wonderful instructor Mayumi at the Yonge location and I highly recommend it. The class:
"Our signature class. This 1-hour workout is the perfect balance of muscle sculpting and cardio. Using resistance bands, weighted balls and the barre itself, you’ll work your body from head to pinky toe." 
Lets just say it did, in fact, work my body from head to pinky toe!  

Barreworks Toronto has a wonderful offer for newcomers: $10 for your first class or 2 weeks unlimited usage for $40! Single classes go for $21.

If you're looking for something new and fun I highly recommend a Barreworks class... or 15! You'll feel amazing after, I promise! They also have really cute tank tops to show your love.

All images via: Barreworks TO

Visit them at: barreworks.ca
On Facebook: facebook.com/Barreworks
On Twitter: @BarreworksTO
On Instagram:


Friday Inspo • 6.28.13

Images: The Coveteur Pinterest // Bling Ring Pinterest // We Heart It // Tumblr // DVF Pinterest


SHOE SALE: Amazing Deal on BCBGMaxazria

I love deals just as much as the next girl and for a limited time you can score the BCBGMaxazria Clarissa Clog for $50.00 (Regular $415.00) on DealTicker.com!

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Most Ridiculous Moments from Bling Ring

The fact alone that Bling Ring is based on true events makes it ridiculous enough but leave it up to Sofia Coppola to make it even more amazing with her writing and directing... WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!

Here is a list of the most ridiculous moments from Bling Ring:

  • The "evidence" shot during the opening credits:

    •  after I saw this collection of gems I was hooked

  • Underage and in the club:

    • They are all in high school and have no problem getting in. How is this possible? They are friends with/one of them is probably sleeping with the manager of the club. 

  • When Kirsten Dunst shows up at the club 

    • Lets be honest, it wouldn't be a Sofia Coppola movie is she wasn't in it.

  • Everything in Paris Hilton's house 

    • Does she need a stipper pole and dance club? Also the fact they visit not once but five times and Paris never noticed a thing was missing.

  • Anything and everything "Chloe" wears

    • seriously I loved every outfit and that says a lot


  • The sisters are home schooled on the teachings of "the Secret" *snaps for vision boards*

  • When "Niki" wears the Juicy tracksuit/Ugg combo to "school"

    • its so fitting of the actual time frame the events took place

  • When they have a yard sale of goodies

    • Because really, who needs that much Louis Vuitton and Chanel, right?

  • The "Lindsay" sign in LiLo's house

    • I've always wanted one of those in my room and for it to not look tacky, she somehow achieved this, new found respect for LiLo!

  • The extremes of celebrity culture on a level that doesn't involve paparazzi

    • brings the level of stalker up a bit 

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, I mean, look at those outfits!

Images: Bling Ring Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr 


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