DIY Palm Tree Anklet

I had a charm bracelet I absolutely loved when I was younger, my mother bought it for me on a trip in St. Thomas and sadly it hasn't fit since the age of 9.

The upside is that when you DIY you have the ability to take something you once loved and turned it into something new and wearable today!

Last year I saw this adorable Jennifer Zeuner Love anklet on Shopbop and immediately wanted one of my own. So I decided to upcycle my old charm bracelet and make an anklet for this summer!

Via Shopbop


- delicate gold or silver chain
- a charm (I'll be using a palm tree)
- 3 jump rings that match the chain - 1 large and 2 small
- a small lobster claps that matches the chain
- wire snips
- beading plyers


1. Cut you chain using wire snips to desirable length.

2. Attach the lobster clasp to one end of the chain using a small jump ring.

3. Measure the chain around your ankle, attach the large jump ring, and cut off excess chain.

4. Detach chosen charm from old charm bracelet.

5. Attach the charm to the middle of the chain using a small jump ring.

6. Wear it!  

Wearing: Coach Pumps, DIY Palm Tree Anklet

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