Who Am I?

My name is Lucia Elizabeth, I am from Toronto, Ontario all the way in Canada and I am twenty-five years old. I studied English Language and Literature at the University of Western Ontario and earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Writing Certificate while becoming a sister of Pi Beta Phi.

Dior Spring 2005  Source: Style.com
 What brought me here?

I began blogging while interning at a bridal magazine in 2010 because, like most, felt the need to criticize trends, worship fashion designers, and look up to all those who have come before me: the editors—shout out to Carine Roitfeld and Anna Dello Russo.

 I’ve always been interested in fashion, however I recall it was the Spring 2005 collection by Galliano for Christian Dior that began the need for daily visits to style.com. Joe Le Taxi by Vanessa Paradis blared as the models dressed in brightly coloured Harajuku-style knee socks fitted with pompoms pranced down the runway and right then and there I would have given anything to sit and witness the show from the sidelines. Check it out, I promise it will not disappoint.

Dior Spring 2005  Source: Style.com
I also have to blame VH-1’s The Fabulous Life of… for guiding me down a path where Perez Hilton could never take me. Thoughts of Christopher Flockton once narrating my life constantly played in my head, don’t lie, you did the same thing! So now I feel the need to continue what was instilled in me at a young age and read countless blogs and tweets from all the fabulous people we spend hours as a culture watching for whatever reason.

Why should you care about what I have to say?

 You shouldn’t! I will however bring you a cornucopia (not the one from Hunger Games) of posts to distract you from work! I’ll help you pick out what to add to your closet each season, what polish to paint your nails, what songs to pregame and get ready to, where to venture out in the cities I visit, whose style you should take inspiration from and whose style you shouldn’t under any circumstance, and once in a while I’ll thrown in a picture to make the Rich Kids of Instagram jealous (I wish). Most of all, I’m here for you guys so comment and ask away!

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