Love it or Leave it: Clogs

If you're not a Dutch milkmaid and you don't work in a factory I think we should leave the clogs where they belong: without heels and in Sweden.

I always have an open mind when it comes to fashion and remember that although something may not be right for me there are a million other girls who appreciate the piece and wear it well; unfortunately I will never understand the appeal of a clog. I'd like to point out that clogs and wooden wedges are two very different things, I'm a huge fan of the latter.

Wooden shoes people bring back as souvenirs really don't have a place on the runways of MiuMiu, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel but, like everything with fashion: if its out there some designer will pick it up, make it new, and push it for their latest collection.

If clogs are a staple in your wardrobe I congratulate you because I simply cannot make these shoes work with anything I own.

However, now that its summer I suggest you to show off your pedicures and leave the clogs in the closet until fall. Maybe they look cute with knee socks? You know, if you're going for the whole Cher a la Clueless look.

Steve Madden Daynty, $89.95

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