I'm not quite sure what made me more excited when I found out about a new movie coming Spring 2013: the fact they were making a movie out of the surreal real-life crime spree a few kids from the Hills went on last year that fascinated me because they were around my age or the fact that Sofia Coppola would be directing it; enter The Bling Ring.

Regardless of the criticism she faced, I absolutely loved what she did with Marie Antoinette, most girls my age would agree. It was, simply put, a feast for our eyes: jewels, beautiful fabrics, pretty pastel coloured cakes and macaroons; you could get lost in that world. The same could be expected for The Bling Ring. Coppola has a way of making things pretty and edgy while glamorous and trashy all at the same time, which lets be honest, isn't that exactly what we think of when we're faced with the constant tabloid rumours about our favourite stars?

Evidence of this lies within the teaser and the official trailer for the movie. Fresh off the heels and success of Spring Breakers, something tells me this movie will be just as well received as Harmony Korine's candy-coated version of spring break gone wild.

All in all the film and real-life events that inspired it is much more a case study about celebrity culture. Because really, how far are we willing to go to be "just like them"?



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