Paris Fashion Week - Time Capsule: Christian Dior Spring 2005 RTW

Paris Fashion Week started on the first of the month with a successful show for Christian Dior. John Galliano decided to go with a sailor motif for the spring/summer 2011 collection:
The models, some of whom wore leis, worked their little sailor hats by giving salutes at the end of the runway, which was made to look like a rusty slipway. The girls emerged at the other end from a set that looked like a desert island.
Courtesy of NYMag.com

In celebration of Galliano's continuous reign of the runway I'd like to take time to reflect back and pay tribute to the man who opened my eyes to a new side of the industry.

All it took was one runway show for me to understand the genius that is John Galliano. In 2004 I had become obsessed with style.com and constantly watched the coverage of each spring 2005 show. The Christian Dior show captured me from the minute it started; I'm not sure if it was the bright knee socks, pom poms, or Joe Le Taxi by Vanessa Paradis, but whatever it was I couldn't help but watch the show over and over again. In comparison, spring 2005 was nothing compared to the elaborate stage productions that Galliano is now known for, however, it will always be the runway show that began my love for the artistry of fashion.

Photos: Style.com

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