Mochino Presents Barbie World

"Hiya Barbie" "Hi Ken!" "Wanna go for a ride?" "Sure Ken!" "Hop in!" VROOOM........

For the Moschino Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Jeremy Scott takes kitchy pop culture references to another level and basically updated my Barbie pyjamas from childhood. The point of this collection is fun. Reading reviews for the show I soon realized that even the most high-brow editors have to give in to the fun of the circus that is Jeremy Scott for Moschino. Instead of McDonalds French Fries, Barbie's Dream Wardrobe comes with a iPhone case in the shape of a brush and is perfect for taking selfies. My iPhone collection is getting a bit expensive. 

Jeremy Scott was interviewed after the show by Style.com and revealed:

"Like every girl and gay boy, I loved Barbie," Scott said backstage afterward, sporting a "Moschino for Ages 5 and Over" T-shirt. "It's hard not to; she's practically perfect," he went on. "She's a good big sister, she's had every job in the world, worn every outfit. And it's just joyful. Her and I share the same things: We just want to bring joy to people."

Photo: Alessandro Garofalo / Indigitalimages.com

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