Why You Should Be Watching "The Carrie Diaries"

Yes its a show from the CW, airing on Citytv here in Canada, but "The Carrie Diaries" is probably one of my favourite shows on-air right now, a show I actually watch when it airs so I don't miss a thing.

AnnaSophia Robb as the young Carrie Bradshaw
The show centres around a young Carrie Bradshaw, now in Season 2, as she attempts to get through her final year of high school and become a published journalist for Interview magazine, you read that right: high school! Now although some "issues" that young Carrie faces might be quite juvenile in respect to the situations our favourite sex journalist found herself entwined in the oh-so-popular "Sex and the City" franchise, the show has a lot of heart and will remind you of being that age and chasing your dreams.

What brings me back week after week? The fashion and the easter eggs. Young Carrie does not disappoint with her wardrobe and neither do the other characters in the series. From Sebastian, the love-interest to Dorit, the sassy younger sister, there is a chance you will not only connect with one of the characters but you will definitely get some fashion tips from the super-stylish 80s kids!

The kids always find themselves at the best NY parties
The easter eggs are also a great feature of the show. Not familiar with easter eggs? These are little hints the directors and writers leave in shows or films that true fans will take notice of. For example in one episode, Walt and Carrie's father are about to watch the "Golden Girls," when Carrie's father asks Walt what the show is about. Walt replies "its a show about 4 women sitting around talking about their lives" to which Carrie's father replies "4 women who sit around that talk about their lives? Thats a TV show? I don't see it lasting." The beauty of this easter egg is that it has two meanings: one, "The Golden Girls" did end up doing very well and went on to run for 7 seasons and two, "Sex and the City" is a show about 4 women sitting around talking about their lives that ran for 6 seasons, where, just like in "The Golden Girls" each woman has a different personality, something Walt touches upon. Another favourite easter egg of mine is when Carrie is given a writing assignment and can write about any topic, she chooses the one thing that scares her to talk about: sex. The episode ends with the young Bradshaw stating that she would probably never know enough about sex to write about it in the wacky city of New York, which we all know at one point in her life she does know enough and turns that into her bread and butter.

Who would Carrie be without her Samantha? 
The show touches upon a ton of young adult topics like unwanted pregnancies, falling in love, choosing a career path, and discovering who you truly are, funny enough, these topics were also very relevant in "Sex and the City" and maybe parts of me want to relive being that young and other parts of me miss watching Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha make it in the big apple, regardless I tune in week-after-week whatever the reason may be and I highly recommend you do as well!

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