Exclusive Interview: 10 Questions with Designer Jack Beadle of Sunnies of London

There is a new up-and-coming sunglasses brand ready to make the people of London more stylish. Learn about the brain behind the brand in this exclusive interview as I play "10 Questions" with its founder. 

1. Jack 101 - Stats: Name/Age/Location
Jack Beadle, 23, London

2. When did you start to design sunglasses and why did you choose to work with bamboo?
I’m a huge fan of the summer and naturally very keen on sunglasses. A cool pair of sunglasses can really make your outfit unique and stand out. For years, I’ve been using bamboo as I love the light-weight and texture. Only recently have I decided that now was a good time to bring this to the mass market.

3. What is your favourite London hangout?
For a drink you'll often find me in Home House in Mayfair. I love the Georgian house and vibrant atmosphere. Its a great place to relax after work with some friends and enjoy a few cocktails.

4. Where do you see your company going in five years?
Sunnies of London has the potential to be a very strong brand. We've had a very successful launch and now we’re looking to go from strength to strength. In 5 years, I foresee us continuing to be a trendsetter but now as a household name. We ship all over the world – so plenty of opportunities for growth.

Some Sunnies with my Chanel bag 
5. What do you think of the accessories market at this point in time? 
Accessories are a way of making your outfit unique and stand out – for that reason, the market will always be strong. Sunglasses in particular are a way of expressing your personality and character.

6. If you could have one person wear your Sunnies who would it be and why?
Prince Harry! Quintessentially British and a lot of fun!

7. What music do you listen to while in the design studio and out and about your daily life?
Really depends on my mood and activity. When I’m trying to be creative I’ll often listen to a soundtrack by Hans Zimmer – whereas if I’m out running (I’m training for the London Marathon 2015) then I prefer club music with a faster beat.

8. What inspires you/where does your inspiration come from?
I’m predominately inspired by everyday people – I love ‘people watching’ on the tube – I think it’s a great way to find out what the latest trends are styles are.

9. What is your 9-5 dress code?
I love a classic suit, Italian loafers and of course a pair of Sunnies!

10. What are 3 items you can’t live without?
My Phone, my Sunnies and my guitar!

Website: http://www.sunniesoflondon.com/
Facebook: /sunniesoflondon
Twitter: @sunniesoflondon
Instagram: @sunniesoflondon

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