The SIREN Ring, it could save your life!

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Lately, with the popularity of the catcall video and recent events in the news I've discovered that I want to use my platform for social change and to help women.

My hope is that my own views on female equality and strength shine through my words without blatantly stating it, however, I want to create a space that delivers not only product reviews but also very important information to women and for a brief moment I did not know how to do this. Luckily this morning I read about a ring. Initially the design of the ring is what caught my attention but that isn't why I'm writing about it. This ring could save your life. Big statement I know but I'm serious.

Female protection is a necessity in today's world and what a year for female empowerment. We are pushing forward and women and men who are in powerful positions are doing what they can to take a stand and fight to shrink the pay gap and address other issues that face women, such as domestic abuse.

via Siren
The SIREN ring, something that is so beautiful and so brilliant could not have come at a better time. According to the website, SIREN’s elegant and versatile design is intended for everyday wear, ensuring our discreet patent-pending technology is instantly accessible whenever needed. Upon activation, SIREN protects the wearer by emitting a piercing 110+ decibel alarm intended to startle and deter those who pose an imminent physical threat.

This is a brand of the future, bringing together both design and technology to better the lives of the individuals wearing them. The mission of the founder Kat Alexander and her father with whom she worked with to create the technology within the ring is simple:

"To design beautiful accessories that double as powerful and smart safety devices—and, of course, to empower those who wear them."
I fully support this mission and I hope more designers will begin to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also instrumental in initiating social justice.

Order your own ring and learn more about the brand and its mission here for about $249/ring.

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