The Top 5 Fashion Marketing Campaigns of 2012: #3

Third on my list of the Top Five Fashion Marketing Campaigns of 2012...

Number 3: The Kenzo sweatshirt

You know the one: the tiger print, the bright colours, and that one street shot from fashion week that started the craze. I even blogged about it, see here.

The Picture:
Source: Vogue UK
Why it made the list: Well for one, I don't think this was an intentional marketing campaign, which is the perfect example of the power of street style. Yes, there is much speculation lately about designers paying the street style celebrities to wear their threads, although I don't think that is the case here. Elena Perminova (in the Kenzo sweatshirt) and her fashion week sidekick Miroslava Duma chose to dress quite cheeky for the Spring 2013 RTW shows and paired with those high waisted jean shorts, she caught everyone's attention. Perminova was just one of the many to rock the sweater and the result? Kenzo became a household name and they sold a few sweaters in the process. So many that Kenzo can hardly keep up with the demand for the now-famous sweatshirt.

Kenzo even handed out animal cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar at their Spring 2013 show. Its safe to say the tiger is now synonymous with Kenzo. 

Source: Kenzo

Who will come in on top? It was a close call but someone has to be the winner. Stay tuned for the top two campaigns of the year. The results might even shock you. 

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