The Top 5 Fashion Marketing Campaigns of 2012: #1

And finally the Number 1 Top Marketing Campaign of 2012: The Relaunch of The Coveteur

Even though Mini Anna Wintour might have never heard of the Coveteur, the Canadian team behind the widely popular site caught the attention of everyone with their "Mini Coveteurs" YouTube creation to announce they were relaunching the already famous site.

The Video:

Why it made the list: Creativity, for one. It was brilliant. Nothing has been done like it and I can honestly say they make me proud to be Canadian. The site, completely unique in theory, has definitely broken new ground and provide a unique experience for fashion lovers everywhere. With the relaunch came the ability for users to create their own profiles on the site and "covet" looks they love while shopping the closets of the fashionable Coveteurs!

That concludes my list of the Top Five Marketing Campaigns of 2012. Did I miss anyone? I want to know who YOU thought make a splash this year!

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