The Top 5 Fashion Marketing Campaigns of 2012: #4

Next on my list of the Top Five Fashion Marketing Campaigns of 2012...

Number 4: DvF [through Glass] 

"When I was a young girl I did not know what I wanted to do, except that I knew the woman I wanted to be." - DvF

Before the video was posted on Google's YouTube account the world watched as models walked down the runway with very peculiar looking spectacles, the Google glasses.  Weird or not, she caught our attention. Especially when DvF herself and the Google boys made an appearance at the end of the show in the glasses. 

Ava Smith, DvF Spring 2013 RTW • Image via Style.com
Image via Style.com

Narrated by Diane, the video begins with the rhythmic beats of Rebecca & Fiona's haunting hit "Dance" and immediately we are transported into a day in the life of one of the most influential American designers during the chaos that is known as Fashion Week as she gets ready for her Spring 2013 show.

The Video:

Why it made the list: In terms of mixing technology and fashion, DvF did it organically: she planted a seed on the runway which peeked our interest and once the video hit YouTube, you had to watch it. The DvF team is constantly modernizing the brand in subtle ways while staying true to her mission: she will always design for the strong independent woman, the woman she has always desired to be and has inevitably become.

Who's next on the list? You'll just have to wait and see! 

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