The Top 5 Fashion Marketing Campaigns of 2012: #2

It was tough to choose between the second and first place spot on the list but here it is...

Number 2: Anna Dello Russo for H&M 
Image via: Marie Claire UK

All I need to say is "fashion shower" and immediately images of AdR running around decked out in her gold and turquoise accessories should pop in your head!

The store, known for its many collaborations,  pulled out all the stops for the Italian fashion editor and her capsule collection. Rightfully so, AdR's influence on street style blogs has made her a well known brand, one known for over-the-top luxury. Her outrageous baroque creations flew off the shelf in no time.

Why it made the list: Everything about this collaboration was just right, once the media got wind of it they were all over it. How could they not be? AdR is a media darling on all platforms: magazine and online especially, not to mention the tremendous amount of social media buzz the editor draws in. Launching a line with someone other than a designer was a first for the Swedish brand, but it was probably one of the best collaborations they could of done, proving once again not only do they know their target demographic but they know exactly how to reach them. 

Who made it to number 1? Stay tuned! 

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