Fashion Quote of the Week: Tinsley Mortimer on Heels

The Fashion Quote of the Week is brought to you by: Tinsley Mortimer from High Society

With the success of Gossip Girl and The Hills, a reality show about New York socialites seemed like a pretty good idea, thus the creation of High Society. The show follows around Tinsley Mortimer, a New York socialite, who recently split from her high school sweetheart.

While unpacking the furniture that once decorated her and Topper's marital apartment on the Upper East Side, Tinsley scurries around her new single apartment midtown in Prada heels. Tinsley explains,
"Unpacking in Prada heels is probably not the best thing, but I am never in flat shoes. If I ever happen to be barefoot walking around, I will actually start walking on my tippy toes, because I cannot be flat. I CANNOT. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.”
As absurd as it may seem, I completely agree with this girl. Be sure to catch High Society for your daily dose of East coast drama, those girls in LA really have no idea what they're competing with.

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