Back to School Guide: Tech Chic

I know its only the beginning of August and school is the last thing on your mind but one thing is inevitable, regardless of the season: we're all attached to our laptops.

Luckily designers also suffer from tech-addiction and they've come out with definite must haves for the student in all of us.

1. MARC by Marc Jacobs Pretty Medium Printed Laptop Case, $80
2. Juicy Couture Rugby Stripe Laptop Case, $128
3. Juicy Couture Foam Rubber Laptop Sleeve, $78
4. TOPSHOP Canvas Floral Laptop Sleeve, $40
5. MARC by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon-Computer Commuter Bag, $104
6. MARC by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Medium Computer Case, $78

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