Wish List: Archive Jewelry

If you haven't already guessed I'm pretty big on accessories and much like Olivia Palermo I have a soft spot for jewelry, I covet her job at Elle. Whenever I come across a spread in a magazine and something catches my eye I immediately become obsessed and go on a search for the piece, so is the case with a certain necklace spotted about a month ago.

May I present: Archive Jewelry, the creation of twins Nicole and Amber Sutton. At first glance its obvious that the pieces are works of art, each one as unique as the girl they are meant to be worn by, but it is the list of materials that make you take a second look at the line.

The girls took a literal interpretation of "one person's trash is another's treasure" and decided to use,
"repurposed architectural pieces, curios & found objects mixed with eco-friendly brass castings, base metal chains and chic crystal strands reminiscent of paste jewelry of a bygone era."
Each piece has history and after the girls take it to their LA studio and turn it into something new it then takes on a completely different meaning for someone else.

1. Archive Jewelry Vintage address number bracelet, $67
2. Archive Jewelry Queen stone chain, $130
3. Archive Jewelry Arrow necklace, $58
4. Archive Jewelry "Buona fortuna" 4-leaf clover necklace, $72
5. Archive Jewelry "Bella" bracelet, $96
6. Archive Jewelry Angel bracelet, $60
7. Archive Jewelry Leaf bracelet, $96
8. Archive Jewelry Arrow earrings, $58
9. Archive Jewelry Infinity arrow necklace, $58

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