Fashion Quote of the Week: The Cut on Lindsay Lohan

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Overshadowed by her tabloid coverage, LiLo's clothing line 6126 is usually forgotten and after her mess of a collaboration with Emanuel Ungaro her credit as a fashion designer definitely took a hit. And although some of us may feel that she has hit rock bottom, being sentenced to jail isn't exactly a good thing, a few fashion experts disagree. In a post entitled "Going to Jail Will Probably Be Great for Lindsay Lohan's Clothing Line" Amy Odell explains,

Lindsay's line, sales of which already total around $3 million a year, stands to greatly benefit from Lohan's jail time. She's launching handbags this month, which, if she only has to serve the minimum 23 days of her sentence — a likely possibility — could come out at around the time she gets out of jail. And that could be the hyper-publicized Paris Hilton moment she's needed all along! WWD spoke to the owner of L.A.'s Kitson boutique, Fraser Ross, who stocks 6126:

“In general, the customer for all these lines is a fan of the celebrity,” Ross said. “If Lindsay’s fans are behind her, they will buy it. She gets the paparazzi, and she’s aware that [being in the public eye] is her livelihood.” His advice? “She should make sure she’s wearing her line when she gets out of jail.”
Who knows what Lindsay will be wearing when she gets out of jail but it better be 6126 according to her buyers.

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