Love it or Leave It: Top Gun Inspired Shearling Jackets

Top Gun, the movie that put Tom Cruise on the map also established a piece of outerwear that constantly gets reinvented in the North American fall wardrobe: the shearling jacket.

According to the brilliant writers at WhoWhatWear, the shearling jacket is here to replace the army jacket and with the comfy trim comes a hefty price tag. Ranging anywhere from $100-$2000 its safe to say you can find a piece that will fit your budget, no matter what it is.

The jacket is definitely light enough for the fall weather and the trim is both functional and sets the coat apart from leather bombers, the only reason why it doesn't make it as a "fall basic" is the fact its cropped. Finding the perfect length is essential to any body type so its important to make sure the jacket both looks and feels right.

Obey The Williamsburg Jacket, $88 (US)

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