Great Gift Idea: BeautyGram via Togethr

There is a super cool app for iPhone and Android called Togethr and with it you have the ability to send gifts from your phone! How is easy is that? Recently Togethr tweeted about an exciting new service: BeautyGram!


What is a BeautyGram?

"BeautyGram began with four decadent beauty products to stimulate the senses. A thoughtful alternative to the notion of sending flowers. Although much has evolved since my first few deliveries, my vision has remained the same. A BeautyGram will always be a beautifully packaged, one of a kind, gift experience for all women for all occasions."                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Jennifer Ruparell, Founder

The "bff"

When to send a BeautyGram?

  • to spoil a friend on her birthday
  • to congratulate a friend on graduation
  • to support a blushing bride
  • to thank your bridesmaids
  • to pamper an expecting mom
    • or to welcome their little bundle of joy into the world
  • to help your hardworking friend relax

You can either choose from the prepackaged BeautyGrams such as the "bff" (Shop $45), the "Signature" (Shop $45), and the "Pretty Mama" (Shop $70). Or you can build your own with products such as: Butter London Polish, Hanky Pankys, Cake products, and so much more! Did I mention both Togethr and BeautyGram are Canadian companies? All the more reason to support them!
The "Bridezilla"

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