Lines to Love: Catbird NYC

First we stacked bracelets and once we all mastered the “Arm Party” (cc: Man Repeller) we began to stack rings.

Where is the one place to find these rings? Well, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast had mentioned her love for Catbird during her closet raid with The Coveteur girls and once I took a look for myself I realized why. They have all the rings you need to rock the ring stack.

Who else would love Catbird? The End of Century crew from Gallery Girls and YOU!

After seconds on the site, it is hard to not want everything you feast your glorious eyes on. The tiny shop features pieces from their own line as well as some gems from great designers like Lady Grey, Jezebel, Katie Diamond, and Odette New York, just to name a few.

Here are some goodies from the Catbird shop and the many talented designers they carry:

Blogroll: the Catbird team show us how to stack their pieces and give exclusive interviews with the designers they feature in their shop on their blog. Check it out: catbirdnyc.blogspot.ca

I'll be ordering some Alphabet and Arrow rings in no time, you?   

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