Friday Fun: Meet the Most Stylish CEO who Happens to be 10!

Mr. Cory's Cookies
 Mr. Cory’s Cookies is the name of his company and at only 10 years old he has not only become a very successful young entrepreneur but also a style icon!

Cory Nieves began selling hot cocoa outside of his house in New Jersey to raise funds for his mother to buy a car when they were moving to New York City. Following his success his mother encouraged him to continue to sell homemade goods to save money for college, so Mr. Cory began to make lemonade and bake cookies as well! 

Mr. Cory, the Style Icon
What I admire more about him? His products are all-natural and made from high-quality ingredients, and although I don’t have children myself, I believe it is very important to help children become educated and aware of what they are eating from a young age. Also, he is so inspiring and reminds people of all ages that its so important to pursue your passions and do everything with an open mind and a positive outlook!

I can’t wait to taste the “perfect chocolate chip cookie” that Mr. Cory and his mother have spent months developing and testing different recipes and only hope one day I can achieve style icon status like Mr. Cory himself!  

Mr. Cory's Cookies Stand

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